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I’m drowning!

My room is finished.

The move is finished. My daughter and granddaughter are now at home with us. I’m tip toeing around a sea of boxes and baby toys. Today, I experienced getting ready for work while getting a toddler ready to go. It’s been a long time since I had to do that. I could have gone a lifetime without experiencing it again!

I’m soooo glad she’s a cheerful little critter when she wakes up!

I actually managed to get some laundry done. I was so excited. LOL, pretty sad, isn’t it? With our lives up in the air, no routines have been established. I’m trying to find a place that I can write again. I’m currently in an odd and uncomfortable position while writing my post. No way can I finish a book like this!

My computer is practically upside down. I think I’m going to go on the hunt for a desk again. It just has to be small enough to not crowd out the room, but large enough to have my laptop and room for my coffee and notes.

I’d like to get an old cast iron sewing machine bottom and build my own. Maybe I watch too much Flea Market Flip! But since I love to sew, that would combine two of my favorite things! Isn’t this gorgeous? I’d do it with just a bit bigger top so I could add a file cabinet on one side and some type of drawers for all my pens and papers that I jot notes on.

Tomorrow I’ll try a new spot to write in. I have to hide my computer from my granddaughter. Anything that is Grandma’s she thinks is hers! She’s already taken over my Kindle to watch Sesame Street on. In the meantime I’m on a hunt for an old sewing machine.

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I love Irish hops! Being Irish myself, they’re a lot of fun.

I like watching the river in Chicago turn green, Green Beer and watching everyone become Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

Now, other than being Irish, here’s a bit about me.

I’m a wife, mom, grandma, Navy Veteran, Postmaster, and writer.

I’m a bit busy!

I write Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance.

You can find out more about my books at my website:

Happily Every After One Book at a Time

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Sorcha knows every inch of the forest, but a spontaneous visit to her grandmother thrusts her into the middle of a brutal conflict between shifters and an unknown force in the woodlands.

As the alpha of clan TalWolthe, Conall is obligated to protect his fellow wolves at all costs–even if it means his life. After the pack lands in the crosshairs of a huntsman with a grudge, Conall encounters a red-cloaked beauty who may hold the key to defeating an ancient evil menacing their land.


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Quietly, I opened the door to my office, not wanting my arrival to be noticed, but of course, I found Calvin sitting and waiting for me in my chair. We didn’t say anything, we simply looked at each other. I was at a complete loss for words and he didn’t give me any signs of hope that things were good between us.

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It’s Big Dax’s birthday, and he wants to go home with you.

To help grant his wish, since he did blow out all his candles, I have made his e-book (on Kindle), #IrrevocablyMine .99¢ to celebrate his birthday week! (This is book 3 in the #ImagineInk series.)


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Whoever said love isn’t easy wasn’t kidding.
Love grabs hold, shapes you, and takes over until you are no longer in control.

At five foot two, Stacy stands tall in her designer heels—accessorized with a no-nonsense attitude, off-color sense of humor, and a sharp tongue.

Big Dax is larger than life—a sasquatch of a man with the soul of an artist, the heart of a Viking, and eyes for just one woman.

Stacy’s life is just fine as is—great sex, stiff drinks, and wins in the courtroom. She has everything she’s ever dreamed of and doesn’t need a man to “complete her” like some cheesy rom-com.

Dax has thought of nothing the past year except getting Stacy into his home, heart, and bed. Nothing, that is, except finding his daughter and bringing her home. He’s a man with two missions and both seem impossible. His daughter will come home, and Stacy will be his, come hell or high water.

Anything worth loving is worth fighting for.


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Passion has a price. Fortune has a fate.

In the realms of business and pleasure, Cameron Cole is a billionaire without equal. In the boardroom and the bedroom, Cameron quite simply dominates.

One woman has pierced his infamous armor and unexpectedly seized his heart. Her reward? Everything a submissive could desire: A master’s total protection, unconditional love, and a ceaseless romance that continues to transform her by the day. Cameron demands complete submission, and he will get it.

He has everything a man could want. Everything a woman desires. But every master is put to the test.

Cameron’s arrives in the form of a past love. The woman who once suffered immeasurably when he refused to marry her, now seeks revenge. If she can’t lay claim to Cameron, no one can.

This woman is dangerous. She has secrets. Secrets about his current submissive. About those close to him. Secrets that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

The choice will have to be made: business or love? The rule of an empire? Or the heart of a woman?

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She wasn’t part of my original plan for revenge, but one glance at her and I was entranced. I followed her for weeks, observing her habits. I’ve been in her apartment numerous times, learning anything and everything I can about her. She’s become an obsession and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

It’s only a matter of time before I have her where I want her…on her knees and at my mercy.

Soon, there will be no secrets between us.


img_20160416_154323That makes me feel like the cartoon Cathy, lol. I was heading to bed when I realize I was so busy writing, (#amwriting) I forgot my blog post for Saturday morning! So here I am, midnight, writing my post.

The house was quiet when I got home. My hubby had to go to work at 6:00 pm tonight. I get off work at 6:00 pm so we didn’t see each other. It is a rare day anymore that I get to go home to a quiet house. I took advantage of it and wrote! I have 30 pages to go to polish up A Dragon’s Treasure and I’ll be sending it off to an editor.

So, exciting times! I love my dragon books more than the rest, lol. Sad, but true!

On the home front, though, my drywall man cancelled on me! I found another who will be coming out tomorrow for an estimate. He also said he can start on Monday. I have less than 2 weeks before the girls move back home! I just hope it won’t break my pocket book!

suzy-brileighYou can see the fun we’ll have with these two.brileigh1

Bri loves to copy cat, lol. She is happy to make animal sounds and her pig snort cracks us all up. We’re looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time!

I have no clue how I will find time to write with the little munchkin in the house. I’ll probably have to sneak off somewhere. Or lock myself in a room. But after I had my pituitary tumor removed, I decided that family has to come first!

It always had, but sometimes the time was grudgingly given! You never know how much time you have and I’d like to spend it with the ones I love. (That gave me a bit of a scare!)

Now I just have to get back out to see my son in California. He’s a Marine and loves it, so he isn’t close to home. But that is okay. He has his life to live and we chat on Facebook and text.

nick-suzy-brileigh We did see him this summer for our niece’s wedding. It may be another year before we visit him again. We’ll have to see! But first, I have to get the house done!

Combining two households into one is not going to be fun! Especially when I haven’t been able to take any time off. The only days I’ve had off, I’ve ended up babysitting. Fun but it doesn’t make the house any cleaner!

So on that note, I’m heading to bed! I’m up bright and early tomorrow to clean and get that estimate!


Just remember, if you can be a unicorn, be a unicorn! Be yourself and be unique! See, I’m a unicorn, lol.


Beast Betrayed ~ L.L. Brooks ~ Black Mesa Book 4

Coming in February the Black Mesa Saga continues with number four, Beast Betrayed.


Daniel thought Brand was joking when he talked of vampires, until one, burning up from the sun, ran into the barn. Raymond begged for help to save a child, saying Isaac, a previous acquaintance of Brand’s, had given his name. When Brand was taken, Daniel didn’t know why or which of the two had betrayed them. Alone, he didn’t know who to trust, only that he had to save his mate, but could he? Could he survive losing Brand if he failed? Not willing to take the chance, he called on friends and even foes for help. Wolves against vampires. Who will win?


Daniel could see what was happening and knew there was no way he could get there in time. His cougar knew as well, clawing and growling to be free. Running and stripping, Daniel gave in to the pain of shifting. The cat kicked off the pants around its back feet, flipping off the shoes. The socks slid with the leaps of the mighty cat, gone in a few feet. Too late and too far to go. He couldn’t reach the ATVs racing out of the woods, their spotlights stabbing through the dark. Each rider aimed and shot. Seeing those rifles come out, he thought his heart would stop, convinced Brand was dead. He couldn’t breathe again until that last faint message came from Brand.

“Tranquilizer… I’m…”

Each of the four men caught up a corner of the net, and they were gone, dragging Brand in his wolf behind them.

Screaming his rage, Daniel followed the sound. Catapulting over one abandoned ATV, he caught one man, throwing him by the neck to go after another. The door to the van slammed shut, the men out of his reach, the van tires throwing gravel and dirt at him, blinding him, choking him, and still Daniel raced after them.

Daniel caught his breathe with a sob. There was no way he could out run that van. They were gone. Brand was gone, and as long as they kept him sedated, there was no way Daniel could contact him.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Beast-Betrayed-Black-Mesa-Book-ebook/dp/B06VX36LKB/


Oklahoma born, L.L. now makes her home in the high desert country of Arizona, kept company by her husband and furbaby Nekko. The last serve as reminder that she should occasionally get up and away from the computer when he demands an outside trip. She finds little time for other activities, but does enjoy reading, no surprise, a good movie, a night out with hubby, spending time with the family and friends, and—yes, she admits it—shopping, thrift shops and garage sales her favourite kind. Always thrilled to hear from fans, you can email her any time at L.L.Brooks@hotmail.com


facebook—-L.L. Brooks

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When her husband gets wind of her new living situation, he forces Veronica to fight her attraction to her womanizing and secretive savior. It becomes harder with each passing day, but when the mysteries surrounding Jesse deepen, she can’t help but be drawn closer.

Is Jesse saving her…or is she saving him?

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From the first moment I touched her I knew she was the one.
Torn apart by circumstance we could never be together.

Never far from my thoughts, I watched her for seven years from the other side of the world.

It’s ironic that the only woman strong enough to hold me is the one who can tear my whole family apart.

I broke the cardinal rule but it was worth it.
I would do it again.
I would do anything just to have her in my arms.

I can’t ache like this any longer.
I need her one more time.

Nobody will ever know.

The aliens are here!

Alien Dragon AND Alien Monster are on sale for 99 cents! If you like paranormal or shifter romance, you’re going to love these stories!

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Another Saturday already!

I actually managed some writing this week!

Got a little bit of A Dragon’s Treasure done and started a bit of a new manuscript. I’ll see if it goes anywhere. Sometimes I’ll write a bit and table it for the future. Or it will end up in another story all together as I find it fits there.

I have a huge folder like that, lol.

Here’s a bit of A Dragon’s Treasure. Mind you, it is unedited! At least by anyone other than me.


His dragon wanted her, desired her and was demanding he keep her safe. He knew she would be if she became his.

“Mate me.” A moan was his only reply. His chest swelled at the glow on her body, the satiated look on her face. “Mate me.”

“I can’t, not yet.” Coldness spread from his heart. He withdrew, sliding out of her warmth and the truck. He stood, staring at her. Kai needed to understand why.

“Why not?” A sigh was his answer as Connie sat up, pulling her bra and top down with a curse as she struggled to pull it over her breasts. Kai eyed her, enjoying the pink tipped treats as they disappeared from view.

“I just can’t. I’m waiting.”

“Waiting for what? You are my mate. Why should we wait?” Connie’s nostrils flared as she listened to him. Kai knew the impatience he felt was evident in his voice just by the look on her face.

“Move. Out of my way.” Connie was scrambling to get her bottoms on as she slid across the seat. “I don’t have to explain myself. You don’t own me.” She pushed him aside, grabbing her pants and sliding them on. “When I’m ready I’ll let you know. With that attitude, it will be a good long while.” She snapped her pants, adjusting them around her tiny waist. Even that sounded pissed.

Kai ground his teeth and let her go. He wasn’t sure exactly why she was in a snit. Connie had been a bit secretive lately but that could have something to do with the wedding they were planning. He truly wasn’t pushing as hard as he could be. Kai could just take her and make her his mate without her permission but he didn’t want to be in her bad graces. Kai was pretty sure that would not be a very good idea.

He’d have to let her come to him. Dragon’s just were not patient, especially fire dragons like him. Their passions ran as hot as the flames that ran through them. If he changed her and she was pissed, he wasn’t sure that he would want to face her.

His eyes followed her to the house. Despite everything, Kai could feel the danger closing in. If he didn’t change her before the danger arrived and she was injured or killed, he would never forgive himself. But he couldn’t force the mating on her, Connie had to submit of her own free will.


Connie knew she was being unreasonable as her feet hit the steps of the porch with loud stomps. Kai wasn’t asking anything that she wasn’t asking herself. She needed to sit down and talk with him. He just overwhelmed her sometimes.

“Connie, you got mail.” Ellen sounded excited as she handed it to her. Connie looked at the address. It was from UW. Taking a deep breath, Connie opened it and started reading. She looked up at Ellen. “Well? What did it say?”

“Ellen.” Connie looked at her, trying to stay calm. Hell with it she thought. “I got in!” She ran toward Ellen and started jumping up and down as they hugged and laughed. “I got in! Oh, my God! I can’t believe it!”


I hope you like it! It is coming closer to the end. Then an editor. I just have to have the time! I have a drywaller coming this week to finish up the bedroom I’m working on. Then next week I’ll be able to paint and start moving in. That will entail going through 23 years of junk from my bedroom. *whine* Not to mention the leftovers from my kids in their rooms!

Well, I’m off to babysit the adorable granddaughter! Have a good Saturday! If you’re looking for something to read, check out my author page at Amazon!