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Willow’s Cry is LIVE available signed in Clear Lake Iowa!

I’m so excited! Willow’s Cry is live!

I have signed copies at the North Iowa Book Bash! In Iowa? Come on over and grab a copy. Special pricing for paperback release day copies! Doors open at 1:00 pm for general admission. It’s only $2.00 for admission so why not?


Alex is just a regular guy… who can hear the wind speak and the earth talk, not a bad thing for a Park Ranger if a bit unusual. His life is everything he desires. Until Mother Nature expresses her displeasure at his family’s threat to sell the land they had been charged to protect. Alex is left to try to stop the sale, finding a damsel in distress along the way who wraps herself around his heart.

Happy living in her tree, observing the world without joining in, Willow has yearned for Alex for years. Too shy to emerge, the little nymph is suddenly catapulted into Alex’s arms, her tree destroyed during a massive storm.

Mother Nature has a plan and she’ll do everything she can to force Alex’s family to continue their roles as guardians, even if it means sacrificing one she protects.


Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Willows-Cry-Beverly-Ovalle-ebook/dp/B07BJCJ5FP/

Universal Amazon: http://mybook.to/readWillowsCry

Meeting the future MIL is always nerve wracking… Excerpt:

Willow nodded and started searching. Leaning over, she pulled up a rock and brought it back. She looked at the pile of wood and dropped the rock. She hunted enough to encircle the pile of wood Sarah stacked for the fire. When she finished, she sat on the end of Alex’s sleeping bag, hugging her knees to her chest, glancing at Sarah from the corner of her eyes.

Alex glanced at the two of them, circling around each other like wary animals. His mind split between Levi, his mother and Willow.

“What?” Sarah gave an exasperated sigh. “You obviously want to ask me something, so go ahead and do so.” She grabbed a piece of wood and sat down, sitting as gracefully as a queen on a throne.

“Do you hate me?”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “No. I don’t even know you. I’m not thrilled about Alex falling for a wood nymph, but I suppose there is nothing I can do about it. He’s a grown man and entitled to his own mistakes.”

Willow eyes welled with tears. “You think I’m a mistake?” Her voice was a whisper as it came out.


From Me to You #happytobewriting #oopsIkilledhimoff

I played hooky last Saturday! I couldn’t think of a thing to write.

Nada, zip, nothing.

I’ve been in a bit of a slump. I’m stuck on my dragon story, Finding Faith. I’m stuck on my erotic short, Triple D: Enticed by the Cowboy. So… I went into my manuscript file to see what caught my eye. I settled on a bit called ‘the old lady’. LOL. I think I should call it, ‘I’m not old, dammit!’ I read it, laughed and started writing again. From the story line so far, I must have been pissed at my husband. I killed him off! 28 years of marriage and being a writer will do that I guess.

Better than arsenic or a bat when he’s sleeping or any of the real ways to bump him off!

So, I’m not sure where this will lead. A middle aged… cough cough… romance probably. Dead husbands, meddling family, even if they mean well, and who knows? maybe a ghost! No clue where it’s headed, but at least I’m writing again! I moved my desk up into a corner in the bedroom. Writing in the dining room wasn’t working with my daughter and granddaughter now living with us. But wrapped in pajamas and finally comfortable and able to reach my computer even in the middle of the night to write will do wonders! I write when I’m happy I guess, and comfortable.

Since my husband helped me get my desk situated, I wouldn’t bump him off now, but since I already did…  🙂 I’m going with it! If I look, I probably have more bits like that. I have a temper and he sets it off without even meaning to poor guy! So I put it down in words and let it go. We don’t fight a lot, just snipe at each other for a bit and settle back down. When I hear my mother coming out of my mouth, I shut up, LOL.

So, catch up on some of my books, I will be putting something out still this year, though my schedule was railroaded with the girls moving back home. I’m too close to the end on at least three books to not get at least one out. So your guess is as good as mine which one it will be!

Here is the victim of my paper crime, lol. Pirate day at Red Lobster.


So, if you are in West Bend WI on Sept. 23rd visit me!

Threshold’s Showcase of Authors IV being held on Saturday, September 23rd at the Lawrence and Vivian Stockhausen center, 2380 West Washington Street, West Bend, Wisconsin

The event runs from 10 AM to 1:30 PM.



Then, on Oct 7 I’ll be at Brew City Book Signing in Milwaukee!

This will be my last signing until April. Then I’ll be at the Northern Iowa Book Bash!


Just a dirty five letter word!

Today I’m at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

227 State Street, Madison, WI 53703

11am – 400pm



Feel free to stop by and say hi! This event is free to the public. 35 authors will be there along with live music.

Kick off Madison’s Farmers Market by stopping and shopping with us.

I’ll have signed copies available for sale of Stealing Hope, A Saint’s Salvation, A Sailor’s Delight and Love Me Forever.

A Dragon’s Treasure is at my editor’s (Magic Wand Editing). I’m on the hunt for a cover and still hopelessly lost when it comes to figuring out my blurb for the back cover!

How about this?

Kai has been hunting for his mate for a very long time. Biding his time, he searches for her finally settling in Wisconsin. Something drew him back every time he left. Giving in to the pull, he stays.

Connie is a college student. She witnessed a murder and is running for her life. She decides to hide with her cousin and is attracted to Kai from the moment she meets him. Until he opens his mouth.

Kai has no problem claiming Connie as his mate. Too bad she doesn’t agree. There’s that whole ick factor going on that she can’t ignore. Kai will do his best to change her mind, one kiss at a time.

Sparks fly in this humorous erotic tale of mating and mayhem.

Eh, it’s just a start! My mind is on getting ready for the signing and blurb is just a dirty five letter word!

A Dragon’s Treasure will be released June 16. I’ll be in MN at a book signing and it will be available there on release day.


Hard at work


I’m hard at work! LOL. My granddaughter is fascinated by computers and seems to love mine. Before I could stop her, she’d climbed into my lap and had her hands on the keyboard.

I have to sneak time to write as the computer seems to be a magnet to her sticky little fingers. So it is taking a while to finish anything! With the move behind us, and her early bedtime (okay sometimes I go to sleep at the same time!) I can get down to work writing.

I am hard at work. I’m down to 20 pages to rewrite on A Dragon’s Treasure. I’ll have it to an editor by the end of next week. I had hoped to have it at the book signing I’m attending on April 15th in Madison WI, but that’s not happening.

I’ll have it available for the signing in Saint Paul MN on June 16th and the Brew City Book Signing in Milwaukee WI on October 7th.

So, if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Madison WI on April 15th, come check out the authors (and ME!) at Madtown Author Daze. We’ll be there to start off the opening of the Farmer’s Market! Dozens of local authors and live music! Come out to this FREE event on April 15th from 11-4 in the lobby of Madison Museum of Contemporary Art!! https://hdtk.co/BE6Jb


Hope to see you there!



Midwestern Book Lovers Unite Oct 22-25


Due to popular demand, the Lunar Eclipse sale has been extended but it won’t last long!!! Tickets are selling like crazy and we’re running out of space. Get your tickets while they are still available.

Book signing is open to the public from 10:30 – 1:00 on Saturday 10/24/15. Bring your own books or purchase from the authors. Register early and get in with the conference attendees at 10:00am and avoid the lines. Spread the word and take advantage of all the Mall of America has to offer.

If you’d like to attend the conference, either full or weekend, we still have tickets available.

Check out our website to see the list of authors joining us.

Are you part of a book club? If so, contact us about our book club discount.

From me to you ~ So, what are you doing in October?

I’m attending the Midwestern Book Lovers Unite Conference.

There will be tons of stuff to do!  

If you can’t attend all four days consider coming for the book signing. It’s only $25 to spend time with the authors. Really we’re a great group! Think of the parties! They will be awesome!

Starting on Thursday we have our Pajama Party!

WHAT? You want MORE?

You got it!

Only Boots, Chaps, and Cowboy Hats (Included in full registration) $ 30.00 USD

Just in case you only want hear Jackson Young!

Well, aren’t you the glutton!

Here’s another party!

But maybe you think it’s too expensive?

Consider this!

(Mind you, if I’ve persuaded you to come, please list me, LOL! Beverly Ovalle)


Windy City Tour ~ Beverly’s Sunday Adventure From Me to You ~ Giveaway

100_1983Windy City Tour
Chicago IL
September 22, 2013

What a beautiful day it was. There I was driving down the Kennedy Express-in electric mode! Chicago is the only city where as soon as I get near it my hybrid goes into electric. Nope nothing magical! TRAFFIC! Even on Sunday the roads are horrendous!

Despite the hour and a half trip from my parents house it was a beautiful drive. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and I was on my way to Windy City Tour! A book signing in Chicago at the Omni Hotel. A beautiful place for a wonderful event! Coming up you will meet some of the authors later on this year…

OOPS! No spoilers!

I got to meet some wonderful authors and truly enjoyed myself. I found out about Windy City Tour from a friend, Mayas Jarmarla Sanders. I met her and her sisters there. Gossiped with Juevatorj Sanders about Maya’s place 😀 A good time was had by all!

100_1994I met Tara Sivec and Tara’s Tramps! LOL! I don’t even want to repeat some of their stories! But if you ever get a chance to meet her-Go for it! I couldn’t resist getting Chocolate Lovers. 761 pages of sweet stories about Love, Friendship and inappropriate behavior. Really couldn’t resist that! Tara called it her brick. Definitely appropriate!

100_1985Denise Grover Swank was there. Oh my goodness! If you haven’t read her do so! I just finished Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes It is an amusing and entertaining book. I just loved Rose Gardner and her neighbor Joe is oh so sexy! He is such a good neighbor. He helps Rose check off number fifteen on her list! Eventually! I’m going to have to get the next. I can’t wait to read more of Rose! Denise handed over a book bag. She said I looked like my arms were going to break I was so loaded down with books. I asked her to sign it as a giveaway for our blog. So guess what it in the rafflecopter?

100_1988Debra Holland was a sweet and wonderful woman. I spent quite a bit of time talking to her. I just love her Montana Sky Series books! Squee! She had all of them there and a spin off of Sweetwater Springs, Mail Order Brides of the West. I’ve finished three of hers since Sunday! Sweet entertaining western historical romances with men that are men and the women who will set them straight! I really think I have to share. So keep reading, Debra gave me a signed copy of Wild Montana Sky for a giveaway!

Who else was there? Hmmm…

100_1987Liliana Hart with her to die for heroes! I had to pick up Shadows and Silk. It’s a MacKenzie family Novel. Need I say more? She also had the Addison Holmes Mystery series there. I snapped up Whiskey Rebellion and started laughing as I read the back. And no, it is not possible to drive and read…oh, and I have Two bumper stickers to give away!

My book boyfriend is hotter than your book boyfriend and Romance Readers do it all night long

100_1986Jasinda Wilder was fun and entertaining, best selling author of Big Girls Do It! Now you tell me. Could your resist this cover? Stripped, He’s a movie star sex god. She’s a virgin…and a stripper. I couldn’t! I have a signed door knob hanger ‘Shhh!!! Do not disturb! I’m with my book boyfriend’ Of course to giveaway!

Jana Deleon was a delight! You can’t miss her Mudbug series. I was strolling along and glanced at her table when I saw her series. I loved Trouble in Mudbug! It is free on Amazon right now! We talked a while and convinced me (well, I only had to read the back!) to give Louisiana Longshot a try. It takes place in Sinful, Louisiana!

100_1984Melissa Brown is a new to me author. She first published in 2012. I couldn’t resist Bouquet Toss. Who doesn’t love a Happily Ever After with an old flame? Such a very nice person, and we chatted about the Chicago area and moaned about the roads! (It always comes back to the roads in Chicago!) She is from the suburbs of Chicago so had to travel through the mess too.

100_1993Dina Silver was in attendance. I nabbed Kat Fight. She told me that the story of the book was based loosely on how she met her husband!

I had such a fun time that the three hour drive to and from Chicago was so worth it!

Don’t forget! Enter the Rafflecopter!

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