Walking Away ~ Peyton Miller


When Carter Smith wanders into a rough bar on local band night he doesn’t expect to have to be rescued by Matt Hendel, the sexy bouncer with huge muscles. That chance meeting turns into a something so much more when Carter and Matt run into each other during a business meeting.

Carter finds freedom on the stage acting in a Broadway production, and Matt pushes his limits every day lifting weights and honing his skills so he can compete in the CrossFit games. Though they are different as night and day, Carter is drawn to Matt. When Carter’s dream calls him to California, Matt encourages him to move across country. Regret twists through Matt, but he can’t force his lover to stay and wither in a job he doesn’t love.

Unable to deal with the realities of a long-distance relationship, Matt walks away from Carter. Alone and hurting, neither one of them is willing to take the first step towards reconciliation. All it will take is one text, but can either of them press send?


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Excerpt 1

He was about to take a seat when the door opened. He turned and froze. The kid who he’d rescued the night before was standing in the doorway, his dark eyes narrowing as their gazes connected.

“Carter, this is Brett’s appointment, Mr. Hendel,” the receptionist said.

The kid moved close and stuck out his hand. Matt hesitated before he took it, giving the guy a firm shake. “Hello.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Carter said as he offered a tight smile that made him look a little insecure, or that’s what Matt thought. Maybe he was secure but annoyed that Matt was here. “Come on back. Brett is busy finishing up a phone call. I have your items set up in the conference room.”

Matt hesitated as he contemplated what type of trick was being played on him. Eventually he followed, glancing down, catching a look at Carter’s ass. He tripped, almost spilling his coffee. Carter looked over his shoulder, lifting his brows.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, loose carpet.”

Carter looked doubtful, but Matt knew enough to deny he’d been looking at Carter’s butt and had been distracted. The man may have been beyond sexy, his two perfect round globes of his ass calling for Matt to squeeze them, but he was off limits because he was too young.

Heat filled Matt, making sweat pop out on his brow. How old was this man? Obviously, he’d made a mistake in judgement. The guy couldn’t be as young as Matt thought he was, or maybe he was that young and was here as a receptionist. Heck, he’d already met the receptionist so this man had to be someone else. His mind spun as he contemplated who the guy could be.

Carter stepped into a room and Matt followed, wishing he was here for something other than work. When the guy turned, Matt caught his gaze and stilled, trying not to gasp at the intensity in the young man’s eyes. Carter reached around and shut the door, frowning before he gave Matt a tight smile.

“Thank you for last night. I wasn’t thinking a Blue Spider concert would be the type of place where I’d get attacked. Actually, I haven’t been out much since college.”

Matt gasped. “Since college? How old are you?” His cheeks heated even more and he was glad he had the thick beard covering half his face. The question was rude and he should have kept his mouth closed but he wanted to know.

Carter smirked and shook his head. “Kid, is that what you called me last night? And my mommy died a few years ago.”

His heart sunk and he felt terrible. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay. It was a long time ago and I’ve come to terms with her death.”

Matt drew in a short breath, his heart fluttering. “So you didn’t answer, how old are you?”

The door opened and Matt turned to see a man who looked like Carter, but was older. “Mr. Hendel, I’m Brett. I hope Carter—oh, it looks like you stopped for coffee.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Carter will be working with us on this project. He’s young but has some fresh ideas. I like his style.”

Matt nodded, reassessing Carter’s age. The man was a lot older than he’d thought. “Sure. I’m excited to see what you have for me.”


Excerpt 2

Carter whipped around and saw Matt carrying a box on one shoulder. His stomach did that little flip thing that made him feel warm inside. Jace grunted beside him and stepped closer which made Carter hop off the stool and move away from him. He didn’t like feeling trapped and Jace made him feel out of sorts. How could one man make him feel so uncomfortable in such a bad way?

“I wasn’t going to do anything,” Jace said.

“Just leave him alone. He already said he wasn’t interested. Just freaking leave him alone.”

“God, Matt, who got your panties in a twist?”

Jace stumbled off and Carter felt better until Matt grabbed him by the upper arm and tugged him down a hall to a storage room. He slammed the door behind them and Carter was shoved up against the wall. Matt held him there with one hand, his eyes narrowed.

Carter’s dick grew hard as he stared into Matt’s dark eyes, wondering what it would be like to be kissed by the man. He’d never kissed a guy with such an impressive beard. He wanted to feel that beard on his skin, sliding over his chest and belly. Hell, he wanted that beard between his legs, rubbing against his balls.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Do you live for danger?”

“No, I just thought—”

“Coming down here meant you weren’t thinking. This isn’t the kind of place for you.”

Anger flashed hot and he straightened. “What does that mean?”

Matt’s gaze didn’t waver as he stared at Carter, his eyes blazing with anger. Then his look softened as he glanced down, staring at Carter’s lips. His fingers toyed with Carter’s earlobe and he leaned in, shortening the distance between them.

“Unless you want something.”

A shiver raced over Carter and his breath stalled in his lungs. Carter thought he spied a knowing smile curving up the corners of Matt’s mouth. Matt leaned in closer and slid his nose over Carter’s hairline. Matt’s beard tickled him and the gasp that escaped his lips was as unwelcome as the sudden lengthening of his cock. For some reason, he didn’t want Matt to know he wanted him like this. Carter wanted to be able to tell Matt he’d just come for a beer, or maybe something else, but not because he wanted to see him and touch him. It changed the balance of power and he wanted to keep this man guessing. But now, there wasn’t anything Matt had to guess about because Carter was showing all his cards.

Matt chuckled as he slid one hand down Carter’s side and around to his ass. They both groaned as he squeezed. He was in dangerous territory but he wanted to be here. If Matt spun him around and shoved his pants low he would take it, because he wanted this man as sure as he breathed air. His nightly fantasies had featured Matt, and he would be lying to say he wasn’t affected by the big guy’s muscles, or the intensity of his gaze.

“Tell me, Carter, what do you want?”

The words were frozen inside and he couldn’t get them out. His vision spun as his cock grew even harder. His physical reaction to this man went beyond what anyone else had ever inspired in him.

Matt moved his hand, hovering over Carter’s cock. He moved back just enough so his gaze was drilling into Carter’s. “Tell me to stop and I won’t even try to find out if you want me. But if you don’t stop me, I’m going to touch you.”

Carter sucked in a breath and pressed his hips forward. The flash of heat made his mind spin as Matt’s fingers brushed over his dick.

“Oh fuck,” Matt whispered. “Good lord, that’s huge. Fuck, how many men have you found that can take that?”

Another round of heat filled his face. He’d heard it before. Guys said all sorts of things to him because of his dick.

“Sorry, I sound like a tool now, don’t I? I was just surprised—”

“That I have such a huge dick?”

Matt leaned in close, his lips at Carter’s ear. “Don’t leave. I get off in an hour. Come home with me and I’ll do whatever you want.”

Carter’s breath hitched as Matt’s declaration sunk in. “So if I want to fuck you, you’d do that?”

Matt shivered then ran his tongue up the side of Carter’s face from his chin to his ear. “You can face fuck me, fuck my ass, ride me like a horse, it’s your choice.”

Carter pressed his teeth into his lower lip, trying to keep from coming as Matt squeezed him again. “Oh God.” The words escaped his lips before he could stop them.

“Come on, I need to get back on bar and finish up. Don’t leave your seat though unless you need to use the restroom—scratch that, use the employees room right now and don’t leave your stool. I need to know you’re safe.” Matt led him deeper into the back area and opened a door, flipping on a light. “No one but me should be back here. Come out and sit at the stool on the end when you’re finished. I don’t want anyone thinking they can drag you outside.”

He nodded and watched as Matt walked away. Carter closed the door and leaned against the solid surface for a few seconds before spinning quickly to turn the lock. Matt had said no one would be back here, but he didn’t trust that he would be left alone, not after what had happened the last time he’d been here.

Why had he come here again? He knew it was too rough of a place for him. But the draw of seeing Matt was too huge to ignore. After splashing cold water on his face, he stood in front of the toilet waiting for his cock to deflate.

Once done in the bathroom, he made his way to the bar and hopped up onto the stool on the end, watching Matt as he filled orders and restocked the bar. The man was amazing. Carter fantasized about Matt’s hands on him, his lips kissing him everywhere, his cock filling him perfectly, and it was almost too much.

When a lull in the crowd left Matt with nothing to do he came over and placed a drink in front of Carter. He lifted the glass, almost afraid of what Matt had given him. Hesitantly he sipped at the liquid, surprised when it tasted bitter instead of sweet or burning.

“What is this?”

“Club soda,” Matt said as he downed a shot.

“Wait, why are you slamming shots and I get club soda?”

Matt winked and then leaned across the bar, his eyes never leaving Carter’s face. “I need you to be sober so you know exactly what you’re doing, but if I’m going to take that monster, I need a little liquid courage.”


Peyton Miller loves sports and loves sports romances. Growing up in the south, Friday night football was a religion, drawing more people than church on Sundays. Along with a healthy appreciation of football, Peyton enjoys baseball, and hockey. When not feeding the sports beast, Peyton enjoys reading and writing.



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