Star Crossed ~ Christine Ashworth

Starcrossed cover (1)The blurb…
Claiming her independence from a manipulative, overbearing mother has been a full-time job for Hollywood actress Jenna Stone, but finding herself face-to-face with rock star ex-boyfriend and soon-to-be co-lead Dane Hadley just might give her a chance at something better than just a Hollywood happy ending.


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who lived in Los Angeles who wanted nothing more than to be loved. But from the time she was thirteen, Jenna Stone has been marketed, pimped out and bartered, all for another person’s dreams of fame. Jenna has certainly enjoyed being a star, but what she’s missed was being special. Her new movie deal might make her just that. Except, the WWII period drama will co-star the one man whom she mistakenly let get close. That can never happen again.

Onetime actor Dane Hadley has loved his success as a rock star, but after his band broke up a return to acting seems the best way to keep the money rolling in. Except his co-star is none other than Jenna Stone, the only girl he ever loved—and the woman who crushed his heart. Working together will be nothing but business…until it isn’t. And with villains, plot twists and successes better than even Hollywood can write them, true love seems suddenly possible after all. And the paparazzi will be there to catch everything…

“I swear to God, Conway. If the next job I get involves jiggling my tits, I’m done.” Jenna Stone crossed her arms over her ample breasts and glared at her agent. “Seriously. Stop sending me out for the slut parts. It’s disgusting.”

“They call it typecasting, Jenna. The best part of that word? Casting.” Conway Davis leaned back in his chair and regarded his client. Since moving to Hollywood from San Diego, he’d expanded his clientele. Or, more accurately, he’d taken over his dad’s agency when Royden Davis, barely in his fifties, had abruptly decided to retire.

Jenna was one of the more talented—and normal—clients his dad passed on to him.

“Your makeup commercials didn’t have you jiggle,” he observed.

She raised her eyebrows. “I was on a boat. In a bikini.”

“Point.” He inclined his head. He inhaled her perfume, floral with a hint of something darker beneath it, and wished yet again that he could hit on her.

Jenna sighed, bringing his attention back to their conversation. “I spent seven years half naked and jiggling on Lost Island, and that was enough. I want something meaty. Something different. I mean, why should Meryl fucking Streep get all the good roles?”

“Because she’s Meryl fucking Streep?” Con waved a hand. “Forget I said that. Look, I know you can act. I saw most of the two Shakespeare productions you did out at Theatricum. You were wonderful.”

Find Christine:
Christine Ashworth grew up in San Diego, fell in love with another dancer, and married him. She has two tall sons and lives in the Los Angeles area of California. She has been writing for fifteen years and has no plans to stop. Still 17 at heart, she is a romantic, a former ballet dancer, and hopes to one day match her fathers’ record of over 350 published fiction books.

She currently writes both Contemporary Romance with the StarTide Agency series, and Paranormal Romance with the Caine Brothers Series. You can find her on her website and blog, where she writes about life, cooking, gardening, and wine.

Check out what’s new at Christine’s Amazon Author page.  Feet in the Sand, Eyes Filled with Stars
At any time, at any moment, the sun is shining somewhere.

Christine Ashworth

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