Character Interview with Cain and Mika from “His Perfect Imperfection” by Best Selling Author Natasza Waters

Character Interview with Cain and Mika from “His Perfect Imperfection”

HisPerfectImperfection_LRGHow did you meet (Natasza Waters) your writer?

  1. Cain laughs. “It wasn’t when I was working. I promise!” (Natasza gives a thumbs-up) “I met Nat a long time ago, but she, like Mika don’t openly share what they’re hiding beneath their clothes. I had to wait until Nat put her big girl panties on and decided to write “His Perfect Imperfection.”

Did you have a hard time convincing your author to write any particular scenes for you?

  1. Mika nods her head. “Big time. Nat and I share a special bond. Nat normally writes military romance. You know hot Navy SEALs saving the world etc. We talked many times about coming out. I don’t mean sexually, I mean the disease we both have. It’s not something you’d typically see in a romance novel. Especially with the world being so hung up on beauty. What we have isn’t beautiful.”

Cain leans over and kisses Mika on the cheek. “No, but you are.” He gives her a confident, sexy smile and explains, “Both Mika and Nat have an extreme case of Psoriasis. Living with the disease they become masters at hiding their skin. When Nat and Mika talked about how they should approach a romance novel with this subject, they decided against standing on a pulpit but instead offered a subtle message of hope and faith to those that have psoriasis and a gentle hand to educating those who don’t. Nat dedicated the novel to the millions of people who suffer with Psoriasis and other skin disorders. It’s a bold move on her part.”

What is your least favorite characteristic your writer has attributed to you?

  1. “Guess I better step up on this one,” Cain says. “I’m not proud of what I did for a living when I met Mika.” He clears his throat and looks nervously over at her. “Because of her, I walked away from that lifestyle, but it had to be in the book in order to for people to see that we both were damaged or at least saw ourselves as damaged. I was the black sheep of my family and my profession shocked and horrified them. I made a lot of money doing what I did, but I’m not proud of it.”

What do you do for a living?

  1. Mika wraps her arm around Cain’s shoulder. “He’s a computer engineer. What he did before fell into the supply and demand category. You’ll have to read the book to know, but it shocked the heck outta me.” She grins. “Then again, there were some benefits.” (Cain and Mika burst out laughing)

What do you think your strongest attribute is?

  1. “I’m going to answer this for Mika. When she showed up on my doorstep with a ponytail, baggy jeans and a floppy sweater I saw something in her eyes I’d never seen before. Of course I didn’t know what she had to endure living with the disease, but you’d never know it. Her friends were awesome. She always wore a smile and we used to banter and tease each other mercilessly. Mika’s best attribute is her faith.”

Mika jumps in. “And Cain’s is his hope to find a cure for Psoriasis. He never lost hope in me, even when I tried to explain what it would be like living with me. When the disease is flaring, it’s not a pretty sight, but Cain looks past my skin and sees the woman inside me. Considering what he used to do and the women who surrounded him, it’s a miracle as far as I’m concerned.”

What is your greatest fear?

  1. Natasza steps into the conversation. “Most people see “P” (the short form of Psoriasis) as a distasteful skin disorder. But it’s more than that. Many people don’t realize it can kill you. Our skin is our largest organ. If it becomes covered and the “P” is not controlled, you can die. It’s the worst form and rarely seen, but it happened to my father and his odds of living were less than some cancer patients. On a day to day basis, we fear the unintentional ignorance of people who don’t understand what we have and folks often point, gawk or say hurtful things. A “P” sufferer gets used to it after living with the disease, but that was the reason for this romance novel and its odd little arc. Mika isn’t a glamorous gal with long curvy legs and a face that would make the angels sing. She’s an everyday kinda gal with a huge heart, fiery spirit that keeps her going, and when she met Cain, her biggest fear was that he would eventually see her disease and be disgusted by it.”

What do you like about where you live?

  1. Cain and Mika produce big grins. “Canada is a beautiful country, and Victoria, British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places on earth,” Mika says. Cain’s home, now our home, sits at ten mile point and is so unique being a glass house that it’s even used for navigation at sea. It has an interesting history, and we love watching the storms roll in from the Pacific. Across Juan de Fuca strait, we can see Washington state, and of course right around the corner of Juan de Fuca strait is a pretty famous place called Forks.” She grins. “You might have heard of it in a certain vampire series.”

Cain jumps in. “And what most people don’t know is there is a very talented author named Sofia St. Angles who lives in Forks. She’s a good friend of Nat’s. Soon, they’re going to be writing a new series together. A creepy, make your skin crawl suspense that takes place there. It’s gonna be awesome.”

Mika what did you find most appealing about Cain?

  1. “Everything!” She laughs. “And so does the rest of the female population and you can imagine how that made me feel like the ugly duckling. Cain’s a fitness freak. Now, that we’re married and he knows about the “P” I don’t get to eat any junk food. But seriously, he might have those swarthy, rugged Greek features, but it’s his heart that drew me to him.”

What’s your favorite animal?

  1. Mika and Cain answer at the same time. “Breeze.” Cain chuckles. “She’s a very large German Sheppard. She used to be mine, but now she’s Mika’s dog. Girls have to stick together.”

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo?

  1. Cain lifts his shirt to reveal a six pack but over his heart is a pair of wings and between them the word “Mika” tattooed in red ink. “When I married her, I married her until death do us part. Considering what I used to do for a living, it was my way of showing her that Mika is the only woman who will ever share my life and owns my heart.”

Book Blurb

Mika rents a quaint cottage on a seaside estate.  With a group of amazing friends and her disease in remission, she’s happy. In a world spellbound by beauty, she hides the scars of her disorder beneath baggy clothes. Perched on the cliff, her mysterious landlord lives alone in a stately glass house, although his home is transparent, there’s no penetrating the blue abyss of Cain’s eyes or the coldness of the striking man who disappears for days at a time.

Women are Cain’s business. The fantasy he sells has made him a wealthy but empty man. Within a short time, he’s lured by Mika’s beguiling spirit. When life cracks its whip at her, he’s there to catch her. Discovering her secret, he teaches her passion, but it’s her love he desires, not her flesh. To keep her, he’ll have to confess his past sins and convince her that beauty is more than skin deep.

Book Excerpt

Cain stared out at the crystal clear sapphire water, his forearms leaning on the bamboo railing of the hut built over the Fijian Sea. He turned a look over his shoulder. Carrie lay in the rumpled sheets of the bed. With a sobering feeling in his heart, he found his pants draped over the chair, pulled out the phone and escaped outside.


“Hey, it’s Cain, how are things going at home?”

“I’m spoiling your dog rotten,” Mika teased.

He ran a hand through his hair and smiled. “I bet you are.”

“I’m just kidding. She misses you.”

“You’re lying.”

Silence and then a chuckle. “Well, yes I am, and she’s lying on the sofa with me. Mine not yours, and we’re eating popcorn and bacon strips.”

He gazed at the oceans’ white seabed, illuminated by underwater lights. Here he stood in paradise where a man and a woman could indulge in romance and endless sensuality. He wondered if Mika would like it here. “She’s staying with you in the cottage, isn’t she?” he stated.

“Hmm, maybe.”

“Moved her dog food and dishes into your living room?”


He laughed. “Do I get my dog back when I come home?”


He laughed again. “And how about the running?”

“Hey, Mom,” she said with a sassy tone. “Mind your own business.”

He rubbed his chin. “I’ll know if you haven’t been.” A set of slender arms wrapped around his bare waist, and suddenly he was cold again, even with Carrie’s warm cheek nestled against his back.

“I’m doing three kilometers a day and I’m going to try for four tomorrow. Happy, slave driver?”

He pulled Carrie’s arm from him, and stepped away from her. “You still have my number?”

“Yes, why?”

“Just making sure.”

“Don’t worry. If I burn the place down I’ll make sure to call ya from a non-extradition country.” She paused. “Business good?”

“Making progress.” His pulse thrummed with the lie. “I…yeah, it’ll get done.”

“Awesome. Feel free to call again. If I don’t answer, I’m either having a wild sex orgy in your fancy digs or mowing the lawn, but I’d put my money on the lawn.”

He muffled a laugh. “The gardener comes tomorrow, don’t go joy riding on the lawn mower,” he threw back. Ha, he’d finally got one back on her, aside from the comment he’d made about the running bra, which he knew had made a homer.

“I better get going, the frat boys will be here soon, and I have to rifle through your cabinets. Where do you keep the Mazola oil by the way?”

Man, she was quick. “Just stay out of my toy cabinet, Miss Makris,” he said, barely above a whisper. There was a pause, and he covered his mouth trying not to laugh. That’s two for him.

“No way,” she spouted.

“Good night, Mika.”

“See ya when you get home…here,” she corrected quickly. “Bye, Cain.”

She hung up, but he kept the phone to his ear. Carrie had a pissy look on her face. The woman was a high maintenance alpha female like most of them. He raised his voice. “Listen, maybe I should come home now,” he said into the dead line. “If it’s that bad, I’ll come.” He paused for effect, seeing Carrie’s expression change to shadowy interest. “Tomorrow. Okay, don’t worry.” He hung up and joined the cold executive with a personality like a spiny fish.

“Sounds like trouble,” she said, her arms sliding around his waist.

He brushed a strand of hair from her cheek with a practiced hand. “Something needs my attention.”

She put a pout on. “I need your attention. At least for tonight.”

“One more night, but tomorrow I have to leave.” Carrie’s lipstick pout eased.

She urged him back toward the bed. “I don’t know if I ever want you to go,” she purred.

He took control of her and the bed sheet gymnastics, and he hated every second of it. Women were a commodity. Several years ago he stopped feeling anything but a cold disdain for his clients. His resume could include acting with spontaneous emotion deployed at crucial moments. Attentive to their needs, he offered them what they wanted. His Master’s Degree in computer engineering hung in his office, but he’d shunned his analytical mind and took a one-way highway to hell instead.

Carrie’s body twisted and she moaned under his touch. He was good at what he did. Stroking her with a controlled cadence, Carrie’s head rolled back in ecstasy. There was nothing noble about what he did as a profession. He paused as Mika’s smiling face floated into his mind. A pulse of feeling followed as Carrie’s wet core gripped his shaft, and she scratched his arms with her manicured nails.

How long could he do this before he completely hated himself, or had he reached that point already? If he told Mika, she wouldn’t bat an eye, but she’d tease him mercilessly. The chemistry between them had been instantaneous and easy.

Carrie’s passion began to spike, her cries and hips climbing higher. Another pulse made his lust swell. He closed his eyes and saw Mika. Her thick, dark hair spread across a pillow, her hands gripping his hips, urging him closer. He groaned, realizing he was going to come. His breath grew shallow, his body tightening. He plunged his shaft to the hilt into Carrie.

“Fuck me harder, Cain,” Carrie ordered.

He didn’t hear the coarse empty woman beneath him, he heard another voice—gentle, innocent. His darkness wanted him to ignore her, but he heard her clearly, and she was calling him from beyond the wasteland he’d made of his life.


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Natasza Waters Head Shot_M9A2988Author Bio

After majoring in English in her early years, Natasza altered course. A lifelong working relationship with the marine industry began when she became an officer with the Coast Guard.

Natasza debuted her contemporary romance novel “Too Grand For Words” in 2011 then wrote her award winning Navy SEAL series beginning with Code Name: Ghost a year later. Fans who enjoy a cup of romance with a twist of steam won’t be disappointed.

Crafting stories with pieces snipped from real life and the sea—particularly the West Coast, find its way into plots puddled in action and suspense, with unsung heroes and heroines aplenty. Her bestselling SEAL series honors the service members who keep our countries safe, and the strength it takes to love a warrior.

A twenty-four hour day finds Natasza drafting her next novel, networking, and thinking about doing her laundry, but instead she just buys a new pair of socks. Sleep you say? Not so much!


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