Black Irish ~ Tricia Andersen


Tricia Andersen Black IrishBy: Tricia Andersen

Release Date: January 7, 2016

Publisher: Hartwood Publishing



Abbey couldn’t believe he was gay. She nearly ran away from her dreams of being a children’s book writer when she was introduced to her illustrator Sloan O’Riley, a dark, sensual Irishman with incredible blue eyes. He certainly couldn’t be good for Abbey’s relationship with her boyfriend back in Iowa. How could she stay in New York and work with the sinfully sexy Sloan even if he was gay? And when Sloan is threatened with deportation, how far would Abbey go to keep him in the U.S.?

Sloan was forced to tell a little white lie. He had no choice. He couldn’t let the sweet, beautiful, Abbey Wright flee from his life—not without a chance to explore the sudden desire he felt for her. But what would Abbey do if she ever discovered the truth about Sloan’s sexuality—or learned the deeper, darker secret he’s been hiding?


Excerpt One – PG:

Sloan watched from a distance as Aubrey fought to keep Abbey from dashing away, a frightened doe in the terrifying forest named New York. Apparently, up to this point, the vicious predators of the city hadn’t sent her fleeing home.

Until he entered her world, obviously.

Sloan had to admit something about her alarmed him too. He knew many women and had been with many. At one time it had been a different one every few nights for months. But none of them like her. Innocent. Naïve. True. Or so she seemed at first glance.

He couldn’t pull away from her wide-eyed hazel gaze. He wanted to free her shining brown tresses from her ponytail and bury his fingers in the locks. He wanted to taste her plump rose-colored lips. He wanted to caress her curves, feel her warmth.

Sloan could hear Abbey beg for another illustrator. He heard Aubrey counter that there was none better. He was part of the deal, or there was no deal. She was ready to walk away from a contract potentially worth millions over a fear of him.

He wouldn’t let her do that. He wouldn’t let her leave his life before she ever became a part of it.

Sloan could hear Abbey beg for another illustrator. He heard Aubrey counter that there was none better. He was part of the deal, or there was no deal. She was ready to walk away from a contract potentially worth millions over a fear of him. He wouldn’t let her do that. He wouldn’t let her leave his life before she ever became a part of it.

Slowly approaching the two women at the end of the hall, Sloan asked, “Aubrey, can I have a moment please? Let us talk it out and see if we can come to an agreement.”

Aubrey looked uneasily from him to Abbey then nodded. “Sure.”

Sloan waited for Aubrey to return to the conference room. He shot a warning glare at the associates who had gathered to watch the scene unfold before turning his attention back to Abbey.

“What’s the matter, miss?” Sloan took Abbey’s hands in his as he smiled encouragingly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re very talented. But I don’t think I would be comfortable working with you,” she confessed.

“You don’t even know me.”

“I know.” He watched her gaze wander across him. He could have sworn he saw her shudder. “This whole thing is overwhelming. I don’t think it’s for me.”

“You won’t know unless you try.”

Abbey’s voice came out a soft moan. “I would certainly like to try.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry to waste your time, Mr. O’Riley.”

Sloan caught her hand in his before she could escape. “Then don’t waste my time.”

“Let me go.”

“Give me a legitimate reason why.”

Abbey’s mouth opened in protest then snapped shut. Finally she huffed. “I don’t need to.”

“I believe you do. If you leave, I lose fifty thousand dollars. So I think you owe me fifty thousand reasons.”

“Are you serious?”


“Reason one. You’re an ass.”

Sloan chuckled. It helped hide the burning lust building in his core. “You’ve got quite a mouth, lass.”

“I’m just getting started.”

“Does your man approve of such language?”

“My boyfriend…” Her words trailed off as her eyes grew wide. She ripped her hand from his grip as she looked away.

Ah. There it is. I hit the nerve. A boyfriend. Sloan silently berated himself. He should’ve known a woman so beautiful would have already given her heart to someone. He couldn’t, however, allow her to get away so quickly. He was almost willing to surrender to her naïve beauty alone. But after this hellion laid into him he wasn’t about to let her go.

Thinking quickly, Sloan pressed one of her hands to his lips. “No worries, luv. I’m no threat to you or this boyfriend of yours.”

He could hear her voice quake. “I never said you were a threat.”

“Then there isn’t a reason for you to go.”

Abbey paused. “Why exactly aren’t you a threat to us?”

He smirked. “I’m gay.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Seriously?”

“Yes, Abbey. Gay. You don’t believe me?”

“I don’t know you well enough to trust you.”

“Is this all worth walking away from your dream?”

Abbey stared at him. A smile spread across her face. “No. Of course not.”

“So you will stay and undertake this project with me?”

“I would love to.”

“Then let’s go sign the contracts and get started.” Sloan motioned for her to precede him back to the conference room. He watched her walk before him, his gaze transfixed on her hips, her slim waist, and her luscious curves. So she believes I’m gay. I’ll go with it to keep her here. A little white lie. She’ll never know. At least not until I’m ready for her. And when that time comes, she’ll be mine.



Excerpt Two – Rated R:

Abbey turned as the foyer door opened. Sloan stared at her from the doorway then slowly stepped in, latching it closed behind him. He kicked off his shoes. With the flick of a wrist, he tossed a small box onto the end table. He peeled his shirt off and dropped it on the sofa. Crossing the loft to her, he tugged her sundress open and slid the straps from her shoulders.

He chuckled softly as he brushed his fingers across her cheek, letting them drop to her shoulder then across the curve of her breast. She shuddered at his touch. “Forgive me, luv. I am such a fool. It’s been so long I don’t have the proper precautions. I just want to play it safe, luv,” he consoled in a soft, sensual whisper. He brushed his fingers against her stomach. “I just want you safe.”

Abbey cocked a smile at him. “You could have said something before you stormed out of here. I was wondering if I was too much woman for you and scared you off,” she teased.

“Hmm. I’d like to find that out. I never back down from a challenge.”

Abbey grazed his lips with her finger, she urged them apart then sank into them with her own, the taste of him fueling her desire to touch him, to feel him inside her. She trembled as his hands clenched her ass and dragged her tight against him.

Sloan trailed his strong fingers against her spine until he reached the clasps of her bra. He gently released them, tugging it off and letting it fall to the floor. He cupped her breast in his palm, massaging her soft, pink nipple until it pressed hard against his thumb. He dove against the curve of her neck and roamed with hot kisses.

Mindlessly, Abbey reached for the waist of her sundress, pushing it and her panties to the floor. Sloan took a step back, gazing at her bold nakedness in awe before taking her hand in his. Picking up the box of condoms in the other, he led Abbey up the L-shaped, suspended staircase to the loft…and his bedroom.

She took the room in for a moment. It surprised her. Abbey expected to see dark fabrics and leather. Instead, his large, oversized bed was covered with a thick, white down comforter. The furniture was made of dark, maple wood with deep ingrained veins.

Then, she forgot what the room looked like as Sloan sat on the mattress, tugging her down to straddle his lap. She obeyed silently, burying her fingers deep in his ebony hair before placing a deep, slow kiss on his mouth.

He cradled her breasts in his hands, lifting one to his lips and slowly circling the tip with his tongue. Her cry of pleasure must have drove him wild because he drew it into his mouth, suckling hard and quick, making her writhe in his embrace. He turned to the neglected nub and did the same. Abbey hugged her arms around his shoulders to press herself against him.

Sloan wrenched the zipper free on his jeans as she bravely searched for his tongue with hers. He nudged her off his lap to kick them free. In only a moment, he tugged her back, the condom box lying in pieces on the floor. Before he could rip the package open she wrapped her hand around his. “Let me.”

His voice was a deep purr. “By all means, lass. Don’t let me stop you.”

Abbey tore the package open and slipped the condom out as Sloan climbed to the middle of the bed. Her fingers shook as she wrapped her fingers around him. She could have sworn she heard him moan as she slowly slid it over him. She definitely heard him breathe a few colorful curse words.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her on top of him. His fingers grazed the soft flesh of her thighs as she straddled his hips.


“Yes, luv.”

“I don’t know how to say this.”

He cocked a questioning eyebrow at her. “Say what?”

“I’ve actually never…slept with a man before.”

Abbey was nearly bucked off his lap as he sat up. “What did you say? You’re not a…”

“Ever been with a virgin before?”

He stared at her in silence. His sinful grin broke free. “No. But as I said, I never back down from a challenge. But this does change things a bit.” Without warning, he grabbed her waist and lifted her off his lap and sat her on the bed. He crawled off the mattress and disappeared into the closet.

“What are you doing?” she questioned.

“Just wait.” He returned with one of his silk ties in his hands. Her eyes wandered all over his naked body as his long strides brought him back to the bed. She couldn’t breathe. The sight of him was incredible.

“For being a virgin you did a bang up job with the condom.”

“Health class. I put one on a banana.”

He nudged her down as he stretched out beside her. Then he carefully took her wrists in his hands.

“Sloan?” Her eyes grew wide as he wove the tie around her wrists and bound them together over her head. “I’m not sure I’m into this kind of thing.”

“I’m not introducing you into that kind of thing. I want you to feel. Let me give you pleasure without you interrupting.”

“Okay, but I don’t…ohh…”


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About the Author:

Trica AndersenTricia Andersen lives in Iowa with her husband, Brian and her three children – her sons, Jake and Jon, and her daughter, Alex.  She graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in English and from Kirkwood Community College with an Associate of Arts degree in Communications Media/Public Relations.  
Along with writing (which she loves to do), Tricia practices mixed martial arts, coaches and participates in track and field, reads, sews and is involved in many of her children’s activities.


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