Awesome Freebie from Liz Crowe

Family Love, the final novel of my critically acclaimed LOVE BROTHERS series is FREE today throughTuesday (10/30-11/3/15) to EVERYONE via Amazon (not only Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Just a bonus really. This book, told in alternating 3rd and 1st person between the Love Mama and the one Love Sister is something you won’t want to miss (and for $0, why should you?). Please enjoy with my compliments:


A wealthy horse farmer’s rebellious daughter meets a sultry stable hand—but the result is far from the average tale of forbidden romance. When novelist Aiden Love publishes his parents’ story he has no idea the trauma it will cause.

The epic saga of one family’s turbulent beginning is entwined with the challenge of a mother’s relationship with her youngest child—the longed for only daughter, Angelique. But a secret Lindsay Halloran Love has kept for years could rip the tight-knit clan apart for good.

Resilient bonds of loyalty and blood are stretched to the breaking point, until tragedy strikes at the very heart and soul of the Love family, forcing everyone to take stock of what really matters.


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