Slow Burn ~ Sascha Illyvich

A new release from USA Today Recommended Read and Amazon Best Selling Author Sascha Illyvich

Slow Burn – A Sexy Spy Thriller
Out now for $0.99 on Amazon

SLOW BURN, Sascha Illyvich’s paranormal spy thriller romance, is available for purchase right now, from from Ardent Books – only $0.99 for a limited time!

Tempting secrets of an angel
Seductive mysteries of the beast

Derrick, a former spy, has been asked to protect the sultry Sonja, a death metal singer whose magical voice grabs him by the balls and won’t let go. He’ll protect her, all right…with every part of his body tight against hers.

Sonja uses her voice to purge her fans of their darkness, their hate and hopelessness. But evil forces want to use her magic for their own ends. All she wants, at this point, is safety for herself and her band.

When Derrick and Sonja team up, Sonja does her best to resist the lure of safety he represents, until a radical league that wants her dead propels her into his arms. Will his help be enough? Or will she lose her heart to him, only to be killed in the process of saving the world?

On July 11th, at Midnight, the price goes up – until then, SLOW BURN is only $0.99. Grab it!

So grab your copy on Amazon for Kindle now!


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