From me to you Friday- Tamara- Busy Bee

It’s Spring! and you know what that means, right? I’m a Busy Bee!

bees04-01Spring means sports! And I have two adorable grandsons, Tristan and Aiden. They are 4 and 6

tristan1aidenThey both play Soccer and Baseball! Their mom and dad both work, so Nana(that’s me) helps out with practices and games. I am Monday Soccer practice for A-bug(Aiden) and Tuesday Soccer practice to Big T (Tristan)

Of course I also have to go to as many games as I can make, because Nana has to cheer her boys!

It’s also conference time in the author world. I don’t do a lot of conference. I wish I could do more, but time and money limit my abilities. However, I will be at the A Day with the Authors Luncheon.

a day with the authors

And Lori Foster’s Reader author Get Together


I hope I’ll get the opportunity to meet some of you at these events! Tickets are still available for the authors luncheon!

And I hope you all know book 2 in the Animal in Me series, Bear Hearts will be coming out the end of May!

Would you like a little peak? Here’s a snippet from the prologue.

Prologue- 1994
Pale and weak, the child lay on the stark white sheets of the big bed that made her look so tiny. The khaki colored U.S. Army ball cap that rested on her head enhanced the sallow tone of her skin, but Lizzy never took that cap off. Daddy gave it to her, and she was Daddy’s girl. He said it would make her strong, like him. She needed to be strong, because she felt so weak.
Her big, brown eyes scanned the room she had been confined to for the last two weeks. Stark white walls, the same boring flower picture, she’d been staring at so long, raindrops slowly sliding down the outside of the always closed window. She was so tired. Tubes in her nose, I.V. in her arm, pain everywhere. Where were Mommy and Daddy? One of them was usually in the chair by her bed when she woke up. It didn’t matter, she couldn’t keep her eyes open much longer anyway. She’d go back to sleep and they’d be there when she woke up. Well, if she woke up. She heard the doctor’s talking, and she knew the truth; she might die soon.
It wasn’t so bad. If she died she would live with the angels and all the pain would stop. But, Daddy kept saying she had to fight, and mommy would cry…
Year after year the cycle continued. Six or eight months of remission, if she was lucky and then back to the hospital. Radiation. Chemotherapy. Pain.
Lizzy lived in constant pain. Nauseous from the medications. Bruised from the IV’s and blood draws. She’d had so many lumbar punctures she’d stopped counting. They had searched and searched for a bone marrow match, but Elizabeth was AB negative, so the chances of finding her a match were about the same as getting run over by a motorcycle in church.
She had overheard her parents discussing having another child to see if it could be a match and she threw an absolute fit. No way would she allow them to bring a child into the world to be subjected to the hell that was her life.
The only good thing that came out of the whole fiasco was that she was tutored at home and in the hospital. By the time she was fourteen she’d already finished high school and was beginning college courses.
Lizzy was going to be a doctor. She would be the one to find a cure for cancer. Because no one should have to suffer like she had.
By some miracle, she went into a remission that lasted for almost two years in 2004. In those two years she finished her bachelor’s degree in college. Unfortunately, the year she graduated, fate dealt their family another crushing blow and she lost her mother. A heart attack. No warning, no chance to save her, one minute she was fine and then she was gone.
Though Elizabeth had always been close to her father, the loss of her mother, instead of bringing them together, thrust a wedge between them that Lizzy could never seem to breach. Paton Montrose became the General distant and cold. He treated her like a soldier instead of a daughter. But Elizabeth had a goal and graduate school was a challenge for a healthy person, for Liz it was double tough.
She focused on her studies and only saw the “General” on holidays. Liz began to hide her relapses from her father, she didn’t want to seem weak in his eyes. If he didn’t know she slipped out of remission, who did it hurt? Somehow, she thought he always knew anyway…

So, I’m a Busy Bee! Writing, reading, and running, though Spring! And I love every minute of it! What are you up to this spring? Hope I’ll be seeing you soon.




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