Happy Birthday Momma- Tamara


Today would have been my Mom’s 76th birthday. I could never forget her big day, the Ides of March. This is the first year without her and I have to say it’s very bittersweet. I found out yesterday that Hers to Bear will be available in Print in 5 days on Amazon. I was so excited! And my first thought was, I wish mom had lived to see it.

It’s so funny the things that trigger memories and tears. My mother loved music. She played piano beautifully, and never gave herself the credit she deserved, because she wasn’t classically trained. But we spend so many wonderful hours standing around the piano while she played and singing all the old songs. Yes, my children can sing a Bicycle Build for Two and Unchained Melody, along with my grandpa’s favorites, “I love to go swimming with bowlegged women and swim between their legs,” and Bang, Bang Rosie (no, we were not an appropriate family. lol)

I had to stop listening to the radio when Mom first passed. It seemed every song that came on reminded me of her and brought me to tears. I am a country music fan and so you’d think it was the sad songs, right? No you’d be wrong. This one got me every time.


And this one, by Miranda Lambert was my Momma to a tee. She never left the house without her makeup and hair done!

Last but not least was the song that always seemed to embody my mother to me. From the day it came out it always just seemed to “be mom” to me. It’s a love song by John Michel Montgomery, so it’s not the sentiment so much as the description of the woman. Listen to the words. That was my mom. Wild and free,  full of life and love. She loved her two hour baths and never let what anyone else would think stop her from doing anything. She was one of kind!

Happy Birthday, Momma! I miss you



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Momma- Tamara

  1. Your mom sounds so much like my mom. What special memories we have of them. They are also the foundation of our beings. I lost my mom 12 years ago and still miss her every day. She is always in my heart and with me all the time.

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