Her Last Resort ~ Fiona McGier

Her Last Resort_200x300_dpi72Blurb:

Her Last Resort has the heroine and the hero both in their 50s. She’s retired after 30 years with the CIA, he’s ex-KGB.  Her daughter from a failed marriage wants to have a relationship with her, so she agrees to spend a week in a cabin at a resort owned by the ex-KBG man. It’s the tale of two love stories, because love can happen at any age, but also the love between a mother and child is a powerful love story also. The only problem is that someone is trying to kill the heroine, and she’s never asked for help from anyone before.


Set-up: Stella and her daughter Kelly have spent the day visiting with Kelly’s co-star Raul and his family.  When they get back to the resort they’re staying at, owned by Kelly’s friend Ivan, they sit on the deck over-looking the lake. so Stella and Ivan can smoke.  They fill Ivan in on their visit, then he offers to walk them back to their cabin.

They ended up enjoying three drunken coffees each,  sitting and talking about their visit with Raul and Veronica until the dining room had emptied and even the bar crowd was getting sparse.

Ivan insisted on walking them to their cabin again.

“But we won’t need a flashlight tonight because the moon is so full.”

He stood and watched as Stella opened their door, then Kelly shot her a quick sideways glance before she pushed past her mother.

“Good-night Ivan.  Thanks for everything, as usual.  I’m going to hit the shower then get into bed.”

Once Kelly had pushed past them she slammed the bathroom door loudly.

Stella’s lips twitched as she turned to Ivan, “She’s giving us privacy on purpose.”

“Oh?  Why?”

Stella’s body was tingling from how close he was standing, as well as the effects of the multiple alcohols in the coffees.  She shrugged extravagantly.

“I don’t know.  Maybe she thinks you’ll try to kiss me good-night or something.”

He reached a hand forward and used his finger to tip her face up to look into her eyes in the moonlight.

“Would you allow me to do that?” His voice was husky and gentle.

“Have you been flirting with me, or have I been imagining things?”  Stella asked, meeting his eyes tentatively.

“Am I so out-of-practice that you have to ask?”

Stella smiled shyly at him, “I’m out-of-practice too.  It’s been a long time since anyone made me feel the way being around you does.”

“Then may I take that as a ‘yes’?”

She nodded slowly and Ivan bent his head down to cover her lips with his.  It was a gentle pressure, but Stella leaned into it, wanting more.

Ivan pulled back, shaking his head.

Moja dorogaya.  Not here, not now.  But soon.”

Stella had closed her eyes for the kiss and opened them now to see Ivan’s eyes had turned into twin blue flames of fire, reflecting his passion.  She nodded.

Da, moja dorogoy.  Soon.”

The bathroom door was thrown open and Kelly did an exaggerated yawn.

“Boy, am I tired!  I think I’ll get into bed right now!  Just ignore me, you crazy kids.”

Stella and Ivan smiled at each other, with a promise implicit in their eyes.

“Good-night, Ivan.”

“Will I see you on the hill in the morning?”


“Good-night to you also, Stella.”

She turned and walked through the door and locked it behind her.  Ivan watched until the door was locked then he walked back to his own cabin.

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Author bio:

Fiona is a hard-working mother of 4 young adults.  She works multiple jobs and has to squeeze in writing when she should be sleeping. As often as possible, she goes camping to view the night stars around a campfire. Stories present themselves to her at work, while driving, while shopping, and especially while camping.

She writes romances that involve strong, independent women who don’t mind casual flings, but who are not looking to fall in love.  Enter the man who decides this is the woman for him. Fiona thinks that how he ultimately convinces the heroine that he’s the one for her is the most interesting part of a romance.

Fiona has always had characters intruding into her thoughts, showing scenes from their lives.  When she ignores them, they start to yell louder; if she writes their stories so they can live in readers’ heads as well, they usually leave her alone…until the next voices appear. She likes the noise.

For more info, head to: http://www.fionamcgier.com   Join my mailing list and get updates on new books, contests, etc.


One thought on “Her Last Resort ~ Fiona McGier

  1. Thanks, SSLY, for highlighting my new book! Anyone who wants a chance to win a copy can visit my website and leave their guesses for the ages of the heroine and hero who are both in their 50’s. On Monday, April 13th I’ll choose the reader whose guesses came the closest and that lucky reader will either get an autographed paperback (if a USA resident), or if she prefers, she’ll get the eBook (or if the winner does not live in the USA.) http://www.fionamcgier.com

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