Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere!

Dragon Fire SHComing in 2015
Stealing Hope A Dragon’s Fated Heart

Well, that’s this year!

No, this isn’t my cover, but, well, I think it’s awesome. I have an upcoming release with Ardent Publishing.

Haven’t heard of it? YOU WILL! A new branch of Assent Publishing, it will be hot, hot, hot!

For me, as a romance fan I live for a romance that makes my panties wet.


Well, my dragons will deliver.

Stealing Hope is set in a world after, well, an apocalypse. As only man can, the world was destroyed. We’re like cockroaches, though, LOL. Some will always survive. Volcanoes erupt, waking the dragons sleeping within.

Here’s a peek at just the rough draft of the beginning of Stealing Hope, A Dragon’s Fated Heart.

The rumbles of a multitude of volcanoes made the ground thrum. Ari stirred, blinking one sleepy eye. The movement of the molten lava through the cave warmed the air. He sniffed the air, a change was coming. The scent of the world was changing.

He wondered what was going outside. Ari didn’t know whether it would be good or bad. Many times over the centuries he had explored, learning the world around them. As man grew more sophisticated it was more dangerous for them to be spotted. Though centuries old he was still considered young. There was still much of the world to see. But perhaps not now.



I tend to hunt for dragon pictures so here’s a couple.

I also found an excellent article on dragons so will share the link.

My dragons DO NOT fit in this! Well, Crag might when dealing with Faith! LOL (Finding Faith A Dragon’s Fated Heart book 2) Yes, it’s written. Yes it’s under contract. It’s out to beta readers and is scheduled for publication in 2016.

So take a look at 10 dragons who are enormous assholes and enjoy!


Want hot dragons? Check out Dragon’s Mate my first published book and well, get the pot holders out, it’s extremely hot to handle!

Dragons Mate_finalcoverAmazon
Boroughs Publishing Group
All Romance
Barnes & Noble


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