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Fight With Me – Kristen Proby

Kristen Proby’s ‘In Seattle’ series is definitely hotting up. Following mixed reviews of Part 1 (her debut novel) the second instalment of this sizzling series seems to have already received a more positive response from fans with much more depth from the characters, a more credible storyline and far racier sex scenes. And of course it’s always nice to catch up with characters from the previous book as well as being fleetingly introduced to the stars of the upcoming novels. Here is a general overview of Part 2 of the ‘In Seattle’ series – Fight With Me.

The story
Sassy Jules is a driven career woman. Sexy Nate is her boss. The pair shared a night of passion eight months ago and have being trying to remain professional ever since. With their company holding a ‘no fraternizing’ policy (meaning that any colleagues who become romantically involved will be instantly sacked) it could be dangerous for either of them to have a repeat performance, so why are they finding it so hard to stay away from each other? When Nate offers Jules the opportunity to spend two, secretive days with him to see where their relationship can go, will she be able to resist his charms? Or will she risk everything she has worked for to be with the man she has unwittingly fallen for? Expect tension, turmoil and testosterone to fly as Nate does everything in his power to win Jules over in this romantic and seriously sexy sequel to Come Away With Me.

The characters
Fight With Me is a very character driven novel and luckily the two main characters are full of fire, sass and personality that makes them interesting and likeable. Jules appears as the roommate of Natalie from the previous novel and is similar to her in some ways, only a lot less one dimensional. Jules is hardworking, loyal and intelligent but she also has a badass side to her and it’s clear that she won’t stand for anyone messing with her. She isn’t without her faults – at some points of the novel she appears to run away from her problems and ditch Nate as soon as things get complicated which is irritating behavior from a strong woman who supposedly knows her own mind. Still, she is a tough cookie and manages to face her demons as the story progresses.

Nate is the epitome of sexy. With his professional working image contrasting with his extra-curricular bad boy persona, he is far more appealing than Luke in the first book and a character that readers are apt to swoon over. A tattooed, motorcycle riding, MMA fighting hottie with an x-rated piercing to boot, Nate oozes sex appeal and is the archetypal alpha male in more ways than one. Aside from his sexiness he is genuinely good guy who deeply cares for Jules and is willing to pull out all of the stops to impress her. A little like Luke, he can be overbearing at times and it is a good job that the women in this series never actually mean ‘no’ when they say it, because the male characters simply don’t give up when it comes to winning them over. But Nate does show a tender, emotional side on more than one occasion making him appear less aggressive and more genuine than his predecessor.

“You look lovely with the firelight dancing on your skin, and your beautiful blue eyes look happy.”

Together he and Jules make a fiery, strong and passionate couple.

Again, we get the opportunity to meet the family and friends of the main characters who may well appear in the coming novels. Readers will certainly want to see more of Jules’s four brothers – Will, Matt, Caleb and Issac – who are also impossibly hot and very protective over their sister. We also get to catch up with Luke and Nat. In fact the only unlikeable character in this novel is Nate’s meddling ex who tries to cause problems but for couple but hey, every story needs a villain.

The writing
Proby has a real knack of creating characters who are, above all else, extremely hot which is important in an erotic novel. However in this novel she has crafted her writing well to show that there is genuine affection and depth between Jules and Nate. We see how during the months following their initial encounter Nate takes special notice of Jules. He knows how she takes her coffee and that she likes chocolate cheesecake. And when it comes to the erotic scenes in the novel the reader is treated to a combination of slow, sensual love making combined with hot, frantic sex. Whereas the sex scenes in the first novel were slightly repetitive, there are a lot of variations in this novel which is a great improvement. In places the story does lack drama but it is a character driven story and the real storyline here is how the relationship develops.

One thing is certain; Proby’s series has improved dramatically from Part 1 to Part 2 and if this continues readers will have a lot to look forward to with the coming titles.



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