#Review ~ Battling Destiny (The Piper Anderson Series Book 6)


Battling Destiny (The Piper Anderson Series Book 6)

by Danielle Stewart

Michael Cooper has his life together. He is the successful lawyer all his friends turn to when they find themselves in trouble, and he and his beautiful wife just welcomed their newborn daughter to the world. In just under two years, he went from a cocky bachelor to a quintessential family man with a close-knit group of friends. Yes, Michael Cooper has his life together. Until the news that his father has died forces him to return to his hometown in Ohio.

Any feelings of grief and loss over his father are overshadowed by the idea of having to step back into a world he has spent years trying to forget. He knows, all too well, the reach of his mother’s manipulation and the grip of his father’s spiderweb like empire. It took everything he had to leave Ohio all those years ago and make a life for himself in Edenville, NC. Now, in the wake of his father’s death, will he have the strength to leave it all behind again? Will Jules, the one woman who understands him the most, stand by him when the truth about his family comes to light? Can Michael battle the destiny that’s been thrust upon him and make his way back to the simple life he’s fought so hard to build?

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Allyson’s Review:

Danielle Stewart has done it again. What an absolutely wonderful read! I laughed, cried and had moments I could Strangle Michael’s Mother! This series hooks you from page one and you struggle to put it down. Each book makes you fall in love with the characters more and more.

This was a continuation of Michael and Jules ‘s Story. In this book, we finally meet Michael’s family and get a deeper look into Michael’s past. Wow! Michael has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning, he is charming, thoughtful, protective, caring, supportive and willingly to help anyone in need.

Jules is a character that has you laughing and shaking your head. Her heart is always in the right place but she doesn’t think before she reacts, Trouble should be her middle name.

This is a truly great series! You can easily fall in love with the characters. Just be ready for an array of emotions. Each book will pull on your heartstrings as well as keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for more.

hearts 51

SSLY recommended read



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