Hearts Last Chance (The Chosen) ~ Kenzie Michaels

HeartsLastChance_Draft2Today I sat down with Brock Robertson, or BaRok-do you even have a last name on your planet?


Yes I do, but it’s too hard to translate into English.


I see.  Brock is currently the hero in Heart’s Last Chance, which is book #1 of a new Sci-Fi Romance series.   What do you think of the title?  Do you think it should have had your name in it?


I don’t think ‘Brock’s Last Chance’ would sell very well.  So no.


Explain something to me.  You say you’ve been watching Tricia since she was four years old.  How old were you when you met her?  Didn’t your parents have any say about you traipsing the galaxy?


(Squirms)  I was a precocious teenager.  And you have to remember, time moves faster on TriJupe than on Earth.


True, but still, isn’t that a little creepy?


Kenzie, every time I appeared to her, I was in an age-appropriate form.  It’s not like I was a twenty year old man trying to talk to a ten year old girl.  When Tricia was four, she simply saw a young boy her own age petting her dog.  By the time she was ten, she was using telepathy to speak to me, though she didn’t know it at the time.  I planted tiny suggestions in her mind-not harmful ones, mind you.  Sometimes it would be ‘Math is fun’, and she’d stick out her tongue and start complaining about having to learn her multiplication tables.


Okay, I believe you!  Tell me about your family.  Any siblings?


I have two brothers and two sisters.  My oldest brother NiKoh lives in his own dwelling on the other side of our Trade Area, and is in our military.  My older sister SaLie is also in our military, as a healer.  She lives at home, as does my younger sister, KiRah.  My brother LoGar is an ambassador on a neighboring planet.  KiRah has not yet reached maturity, and is pre-bonded to her Chosen.  Am I making any sense?


(Laughs)  Yes, yes you are.


Good.  Holding you all together is our wise mother.  My father passed away a few seasons ago, so I’m glad my sisters are still at home.


So you’re a close family then?


Very close.


What is your occupation?


On TriJupe, I work as Financial Advisor to our Council of Elders and for our Prime family, or leader.  When I met Tricia in human form, I told her I was an investment broker, which is similar.


If I may ask a personal question…is there enough sex in the book for you?


(coughs)  Personally, I think there is too much!  Why did you have to go into such detail?


Sex sells, Brock.  One of my best sellers has almost the same amount of bedroom scenes.


I see.  So you’re hoping our story will sell well?


Yes.  I’m….trying to relocate and more money in the bank would be nice.


That explains your obsession with houses in KiRah’s story.  Plus, I’d be happy to advise you on the housing market-


Thank you, but you’re a fictional character, and I like my realtor.  We’re getting off subject a bit.  I’ll admit some of my house hunting has crept in, and while we’re talking about your sister, are you planning to make an appearance in any of the sequels?


Only if you think I need to be in them.  I do expect to be invited to any homecomings, Bonding Ceremonies, or any gatherings my mother throws.  She likes to entertain.


Thank you so much for your time, Brock.  Here’s an excerpt from Heart’s Last Chance, in which Tricia learns more about customs on TriJupe.  Enjoy!



Everyone has an imaginary friend at some point, right?  Well, what if you discover yours is actually an alien who is

fascinated with Earth?


Tricia Alexander’s dreams are haunted by a mystery lover.  When she discovers the man she met in a nightclub is from another planet, will she accept his story or kick him out?


Brock was young Tricia’s imaginary friend and confidant, and watched her grow up over the years.  After gaining permission from the leaders of his planet, he sought to bond with her twice before, but with little results.  When he’s given a final chance, will he succeed?  Or will a family crisis prove too much?






“I no longer need my mother’s permission to bond with my Chosen. She will accept you, simply because I happen to be her favored son.” Brock smiled and rubbed small circles on her lower back. “However, there is something else I must prepare you for.”


“You already told me to expect silver people, with multi-colored hair.”


“Yes. This concerns my brother LoGar and his mate.”


Tricia relaxed against him again. “What about them?”


She felt Brock take a deep breath. “DaSie has another mate. LoGar is her second. This means they have a tri-union, and any children she has with him will be given her Primary’s name.”


Tricia’s mind whirled. “What? Why? He’s okay with this?” This was straight out of one of her favorite series of books, only alien-style. “Is your brother all right in the head? He doesn’t mind sharing? That’s insane! Every woman’s dream, but still insane.”


His arms tightened around her. “I did not observe you dreaming of being with two men at the same time.”


Tricia kissed his jaw. “What did you call me sleeping beside Tony while you were in my mind a few weeks ago?”


“That was different. I knew you were dissatisfied with him and it was only a matter of time before we were to meet. What are you saying? You would take another?”


“Oh God no. I’m a one-man woman, you know that. I’m just saying, if the timing was right, and I had enough alcohol in me, and two guys wanted to do me at the same time…” She was too embarrassed to go on.


“Ah. I get it. What is daily way? I have not observed…”


Tricia placed her hand over his mouth. “It isn’t a custom, it’s a series of romance books. A fictional town where tri-unions are normal. It doesn’t exist in America, except maybe behind closed doors.”


“This is a fantasy of yours then?”


Thanks for having me today!



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