Crystal’s Review ~ The Hostage by Carolyn Wren

The HostageThe Hostage by Carolyn Wren
Series: The Protectors, Book Four

Release Date: June 27, 2013

Publisher:  Secret Cravings Publishing

Pages / File Size: 177 Pages

Source:  book provided by publisher for review

Tags: Romantic Suspense


A covert operative so secretive, she’s known only as Omega…
Kidnapped, held in chains, beaten and without hope. Wealthy businessman James ‘North’ Northam believes he’s a dead man. Until a daring rescue by a woman who disappears before he can thank her. North is compelled by a powerful need to track down his mysterious saviour. The truth he discovers about her is both surprising and intriguing.
Omega has always kept her covert identity separate from her real life. Until James Northam invades her world, and her privacy. This determined, impossibly distracting man is getting under her skin. Her plan is to deny everything until he gives up and goes home.
The plan doesn’t seem to be working.
And so begins a battle of wits between two very strong willed people.
Neither of them realize someone else from Omega’s past has tracked her down, for much more sinister reasons.


If I was going to have to face North I do believe that I would try to stay on his good side. When he wants something he goes after it and has the money to do it. A man like that would be a great man to have love you. At least he would look for you for as long as it took and wouldn’t let anything stand in his way. Maybe Omega (Meg) should have thought about that when he came looking for her. She just goes in and rescues people and the rest of her life is a secret that no one can know and that’s the way she wants it. This two are made for each other and you can tell it.

North and Meg have both been through terrible experiences and still have the scars to prove it. Some may not be able to see but the night terrors they have are real. You could feel what each one of these characters were feeling and it helped me connect to them more. I got inside both of their heads and saw how they both work and deal with everything. I was guessing what would happen next as I read this book and you know when something starts going good that something has to happen. So you should never hold your breath because you know something is coming and it is killing you to find out.

I hate to say that I haven’t read the other books of this series but I will be going back to read them. I never thought that the book was missing anything and I could follow along with the suspense easily. This author sure knows how to write and knows just when to let the axe come down on a scene. We can always tell that whatever each character goes through they will always be paired with the right partner to help them out the best. North and Meg are both stubborn but they know what they want and even though they might try to hide it, they end up doing what they should’ve done from the start.

I would recommend that everyone that likes romantic suspense read these book and series.

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Reviewer: Crystal N.

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Review: Crystal N. The Hostage by Carolyn Wren


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