Review – Bound for Disappointment: A Parody by Sheri Savill


Enter the glamorous world of BDSM erotica author and real-life submissive Tara Febreze … lisping sales girls, sabotage by a rival author named Vageena Royale … one Dom with a combover and a moped, another who writes books about his genitalia, and still another who can’t seem to get the hang of the whole “spanking” thing …

Tara Febreze is the bestselling author of Thoughtless Submission and other hot BDSM erotica novels. She’s seeking the Dom of her dreams, one who can make her … clenchy, as she calls it … all while dealing with irate readers who expect the moon and stars for ninety-nine cents, hostile ranting reviewers who follow her to conventions, protestors chanting her name outside a sex shop …

She’s also contending with a string of unexplained goldfish deaths and an embarrassing incident involving a neighbor’s topiary.

Will Tara find her dream Dom? Get her life together? Publish a book that sells a million copies? Find a Dom who knows how to spank? Solve the mystery of the dying goldfish? Or will she always be … BOUND FOR DISAPPOINTMENT?

Publisher’s Note: This is a parody about BDSM and erotica-writing, and is intended for adults only. It contains some offensive language, BDSM themes, truly mild spanking, and a Dom with bad dandruff. The book Thoughtless Submission does not exist, nor do the other books mentioned in this work.
Review by Cara
I decided to read and review this book as a total lark. I’m glad I did, as I was smiling throughout. Tara Febreze, a hardcore smut, er, I mean BSDM erotica writer, is a sub in desperate need of a Dom, and boy does she meet some characters. I laughed at the absurdity of the book, including the four Doms discussed within. I wonder how true to life Ms. Febreze’s response was to crazy fan email, or to critical reviews…I want to point out all the funny bits here, and say, Oh, wait till you see this, or read that. A mark of any funny book- when you can’t wait for someone else to read it, so you can giggle about it together.

Anyway, I’d recommend this book for a quick read…it’ll keep a smile on your face, and even earn a few giggles. As usual for a parody, it displays some of the obvious inane senseless things that are present in real life, so we can all point at them and laugh.

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