Review – Top Dog – Cynthia and Mike Arsuaga

Shape shifter Drake Martin has a problem. FBI agent Kady Hartley loves him. Both of him. She doesn’t know he and her pet, the eight pound Yorkshire terrier she named Precious were one and the same. Kady’s latest assignment further complicates the situation. Drake follows her to New Orleans where she and a team are in for more than they realize against human traffickers. Taking down the bad guys while keeping her safe means walking a tightrope between lover and beloved pet.
During the adventure, he has her back, her heart… and her lap.

Tamara’s Review
hearts 51Flames 3

The blurb on Top Dog hooked me. I had to read the story of a shifter who turned into a Yorkie terrier. How as that going to work? I’ll admit you have to suspend reality a bit to picture a six foot two-hundred pound man turning into a fourteen pound Yorkie, but really, don’t er already suspend reality when we embrace the world of shapeshifters, anyway? Shifting is magic and we all know magic can do anything, right?
“Precious” had been Kady’s dog through her rough teenage years, her fiend and confidant. He disapeared when she went off to college. When she encounters a dog that looks just like her Precious at a crime scene, she can’t resist taking him home. The similarities between the new “Precious” and the old are stunning!ANd there is a reason why… They are the same little dog.
Drake Martin is a shapeshifter. Occasionally in a shapeshifter’s life he meets he meets someone special, and from the moment Drake met Kady, he knew she was a special lady. It broke his heart to leave Kady, but his time with her was up and he couldn’t risk detection. WHen fate brings them back together, Drake discovers his feeling for Kady have grown and changed. He loved her as a child, but now he loves her as a woman. But, will Kady be able to accept his secret?
Top Dog had humor, heart, action,and suspense. Watching Drake morph back and forth between dog and man, while they are both supposed to be in the same place at the same time was a comedy of errors.
With a glimpse into the hierarchy of the Shifter clans, a Russian mole in the FBI, human trafficking. kidnapping and murder the action and adventure abound.
Top Dog is written in first person perspective, and I’ll be honest with you, I usually HATE first person. But for this story it works. It was actually quite interesting, because it is told more from “Precious'” POV than Drake’s.
My only negative about Top Dog was I wanted to know what the “Suffie” turned into! We know he is a canine shifter, but I wanted to know if he was a huge Great Dane or a cuddly Pomeranian!
Check out this unique shifter adventure, you won’t be disappointed.
SSLY recommended read


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