Rise of the Dragons ~ The final part!

Stealing Hope series eye

“I guess we need to go. You wanted to head home.” Dax straightened, his erection bobbing and showing just how much he needed his mate.

He chuckled as Jasima swore and slid to her knees before him. He felt his balls tighten in anticipation.

Her soft wet tongue teased him. Her hands held his thighs, her thumbs caressing the creases near his groin.

Dax swelled. A bead of cum pearled on the tip his cock.

Jasima leaned forward, engulfing the tip in her mouth.

Dax groaned and thrust forward, sliding deeper into her throat.

Jasima’s suckling sent a jolt up his spine. Her hot mouth pulling him deeper.

Dax tunneled his fingers through her hair holding her still and thrusting faster into her mouth. The scrape of her teeth along his length made him shiver.

Jasima wrapped an arm around his leg holding him to her as her other hand squeezed and teased his balls.

“Jasima.” Dax held her head, his balls tight in anticipation, pumping in and out of her mouth until he spurted down her throat. He held her to him, each swallow pulling more seed from his cock.

Jasima sat back, his flaccid member sliding from her mouth. She leaned forward to nip at him.

His balls shrank back.

“Damn it.”

Jasima snickered.

Dax rolled his eyes. He should be used to her teasing, but she always seemed to do the unexpected. Jasima said it was to keep him on his toes.

“I suppose it is time to return.”

Jasima stood up and they both shifted, leaving their temporary trysting spot and heading home.

“We’ll have to keep checking before they can go out and explore the world again.”

Jasima nodded in agreement.

“I think with our survival, we’ve proved we are immune.”

“As are some of the humans.”

Dax sighed knowing that they would have to monitor the humans they had brought together to see if they survived.

Arriving back at their weyr, their hatchlings had settled back into a restless hibernation. Ari stretched out with Crag laying protectively next to him. Hark and Rog, Belisa and Juevatorj were nestled together, all intertwined in a pile.

They had done as much as they could to keep them safe.

Dax and Jasima periodically checked on the humans they had brought together. They appeared to be thriving, the population sparse but beginning to grow. A strong foundation for his children’s future mates.


Stealing Hope series eye

Rise of the Dragons

Before there was Stealing Hope

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Find out more about Dax and Jasima and their hatchlings in

Stealing Hope

Stealing Hope Cover


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I had no clue! ~ From Me to You ~ Beverly

Well, I went Indie! I do still have two publishers but I got tired of books not coming out on schedule, editors not answering emails and sales percentages that frankly stink. Don’t get me wrong – I love my publishers. I’m just impatient!

A sales percentage from Amazon for a .99 cent book isn’t a whole lot different than using a publisher. I don’t see any reason why a short story, at least mine should go for more. But I sit in a unique position. One pub went under and all rights were returned AND we were allowed to keep the edits. That was huge as I’m finding out. The cover artist arranged special rates to take the pub’s logo off the covers she had already made and sold them back at a discounted rate.

Since the covers are wonderful and I knew I was going to try to self pub I definitely took advantage!

NOW, my new books are a different story. I’m having to watch every penny going out to make sure I know how much I have to recoup. I hate math. I’m hunting for an accounting program that I can just put the numbers in and let it do it for me. I hear a lot about Quicken from my dad, so maybe that will work.

But I’m cheap! I’d rather spend my money on book covers, editors and swag than boring old accounting stuff.

Have you seen my new cover?


Awesome isn’t it? Yes, I paid for it. I’ve worked on the story for six months. I’m a bit erratic in my writing habits so don’t imagine I was dripping sweat all day long for those six months! I do have a full time job, babysitting duties as Grandma and a hubby to spend time with.

I had 5 Beta Readers (bless those women!) that helped me clear up stupid mistakes and that pointed out when I changed things I’d already said. D’oh! After I worked on clearing those up, I sent it to an editor. Along with the payment. It’s adding up!

Well, going Indie is a bit more expensive than I realized. I’m determined to do it though. I like control. (pushing my whip and stilettos under the couch-you don’t need to see that) So, cheer me on! Buy my books!

A Sailor’s Delight is coming out in June. So, before that, read the first book in the series, A Saint’s Salvation.

ASaintsSalvation_fullresA Saint’s Salvation

The Santiago’s book 1

Corporal Nicholas ‘Saint’ Santiago needs to go home to reclaim the man he used to be. To be the man he was before Operation Enduring Freedom slowly hardened his heart. He needs to reconnect to the values and the reasons he is doing what he does. Saint also needs to try to forget the courageous woman he fell in love with.

Petty Officer Angelina Jones’ life changed the moment Saint saved her life. She survived the blast but now has to deal with the fact that she will never be whole. She can’t believe that anyone would want her the way she is now. Digging up her courage, Angelina moves forward hoping against hope that she can live a full life again.

Crossing paths again brings their emotions to a full boil. A coincidence that will have them both reaching for their dreams.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Saints-Salvation-1-Santiagos/dp/0996797335/





Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/a-saint-s-salvation-2

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-saints-salvation-beverly-ovalle/1118637570

Apple iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1093363669

Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/book/304510024

24Symbols https://www.24symbols.com/book/x/x/x?id=1195333

Inktera http://www.inktera.com/store/title/842a4b52-3e99-4107-8fcf-91b8b08188e3

A Sailor’s Delight

ASailorsDelight_LRGThe Santiago’s book 2

Lee Santiago went from one mistake to the next. When a friend dies, exposing his mortality all too well Lee’s family steps in to force him to make something of himself. He can’t be a party boy all his life and if he wants to sign his life away, it will be on the dotted line. He doesn’t even have time to say goodbye. Anyway it was only a drunken one night stand.

Isabella was always the good girl. Until that night. When the man she’d always worshiped finally noticed her. She couldn’t say no. She’s heartsick to find out he doesn’t remember it. Isabella’s life crashes around her when the results are in. The truth comes out and she has nowhere to turn. She looks for Lee, but he’s gone.

Will he be man enough to step up and face the consequences when he learns the truth?

Coming June 2016

Explore your kinkiest BDSM fantasies ~ Dirty Doms

dirtydoms3DExplore your kinkiest BDSM fantasies with Dirty Doms – Pre-order Now!


dirtydomsDirty Doms Box Set


Ten of your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best-selling authors have delved into the world of BDSM Kink. Explore your darkest desires, and deepest secrets under the expert care of a sexy Alpha Dom.
(Capture) Fantasy Surrender by: Lori King

(Corporal Punishment) The Beauty and the Badass by: Lucy Felthouse

(Orgasm Control) Secrets & Lies by: Serena Akeroyd

(Impact Play) Sizzle by: McKinlay Thomson

(Pet Play) Club Menage: Fifi by: Tara Crescent

(Bondage) Binding Her To Him by: TL Reeve

(Fire Play) Kaise by: Jade Belfry

(Daddy Dom) Professor Knows Best by: Juliet Braddock

(Sensory Deprivation) Deprived by: Jordan Ashley

(Medical Play) Electric by: C.P. Mandara
Spice up your night and indulge your kinks…




Pre-order your copy now—just 99c/99p: http://mybook.to/dirtydoms

(universal Amazon link—will take you to your home store)

Release date 28th June




Fantasy Surrender

By: Lori King


Rachel Morgan lives every woman’s fantasy with her four cowboy husbands. Each man exemplifies something she’s always wanted in a man, and they treat her like a queen. As they approach their five year wedding anniversary, the guys have asked her what she’d like to do to celebrate, but she’s nervous about telling them the truth. It’s insane to want to be chased again, right?

This is a capture fantasy and explores a man hunting down his woman and ravishing her.







The Beauty and the Badass

By: Lucy Felthouse


From the moment Alexei Miles sets eyes on the kickboxing instructor at his new gym, he’s enthralled. She’s strong and sexy, and he senses something in her that speaks to his deepest desires. Bored of meaningless one-night stands, Alexei vows to find out more about the beautiful badass. He hopes his senses are correct—that her desires will match his own, and that his period of unsatisfying sexual encounters is over.

Zoe Harrison notices the new guy as soon as he walks into the gym—difficult not to, really, given he’s a six-feet-plus gorgeous Viking. As well as being attractive, he awakens something deep inside that she’d almost forgotten about. Men that can handle Zoe’s busy lifestyle are few and far between. Add to that her very specific sexual appetites and it’s little wonder she’s been single for so long. Is the Viking about to change all that?

This story explores corporal punishment in a BDSM setting.






Secrets & Lies

By: Serena Akeroyd


Meg’s love life was missing a spark until she discovered her need to be dominated. When her fiancé shared the same kink, she thought all her birthdays had come at once, and then she came to learn their relationship was one big fat lie.

Gabe has loved Meg for years, watching her from afar, and always wishing he’d been the one to date her first and not his brother. When he has the chance to have Meg in his bed—even better, tied to it—it’s an opportunity he can’t refuse.

With disastrous consequences.

Can Gabe make Meg realize she’s the one woman he’s always wanted? But once secrets and lies have wormed their way into a relationship, is it impossible to establish the firm base of trust needed between lovers, and more importantly, between sub and Sir…?

This story features orgasm control in a BDSM setting.







By: McKinlay Thomson


Elisa is a shy, quiet, bookish woman with one huge problem. She has a crush on the hot Dom living next door and he doesn’t even know she exists.

Alex knows his curvy little neighbor watches him over the fence. He would like nothing more than to bang on her door, drag her back to his place, and show her he has just the right toys to keep them both satisfied well into the night.

When Alex and Elisa finally come together could a threat from his past derail their budding romance or will their desire continue to sizzle.

This story includes impact play in a BDSM setting.






Club Ménage: Fifi

By: Tara Crescent


Something’s wrong at Club Ménage…

After escaping an abusive relationship with her dominant, Fiona Clarke swore off submission for life. But when the private investigator is hired to solve a case of blackmail at the secretive Club Ménage, she finds that she hasn’t managed to leave her past behind.

Adrian Lockart and Brody Payne protected Fiona from her dominant, until the day they disappeared from her life without a trace. When they reunite at Club Ménage, can they convince Fiona to trust them again, and can they protect her from the danger that surrounds them on all sides?

This story explores pet play in a BDSM setting. No actual animals are involved.






Binding Her To Him

(Dupree Investigations)

By: TL Reeve


Kennedy Le Roche, is on a mission.

A new drug has hit the streets of Reserve, Louisiana, and it is claiming victims at an alarming pace. The only clue she has is a BDSM Club on the outskirts of town. As a submissive, she’ll go undercover to ferret out who’s distributing the drug. But, there’s a catch.

Phoenix Dupree, is a police consultant by day and a Dominant by night.

When the police chief shares a case of utmost importance with him, he takes it. What he isn’t expecting is the identity of his submissive for the night, Kennedy Le Roche.

Feelings long since dormant resurface. Can Kennedy and Phoenix work together or will old wound prove to be too deep?

This is a bondage/restraint story and of lost love.






Kaise: A White Card Story

By: Jade Belfry


Will this cold attorney allow the flames of passion to melt her heart of stone? Kaise didn’t want love and certainly didn’t have time for sex. That is, until she loses a major case and her trusted assistant all on the same day. Feeling sorry for herself and fortified by drink, she dials a secret number given to her by a friend. Things heat up when the call connects and she reaches an ultra-exclusive team of sexual trainers that are about to show her everything she never knew that she’s been missing. Including perhaps the old flame she’s never forgotten.

This story features temperature play in a BDSM setting.






Professor Knows Best

By: Juliet Braddock


Professor Justin Langford is on a mission to teach his star student Sloane Bradford a few lessons in her deepest, dirtiest fantasies. However, the last thing he needs is another college girl.

After a miscommunication separates them, fate reunites the reluctant lovers.

From swing sets to sex shops, Justin challenges Sloane to embrace a life filled with sippy-cups and spankings. Sloane has much to learn if she’s still intent on being his prized pupil.

Will Justin manage to control her rising brat enough to transform Sloane into Daddy’s Little Girl?

This story contains elements of age play and Daddy-Daughter roleplay.







By: Jordan Ashley


Heather Ross vowed after a decade of being controlled by her husband that she would never trust her heart with someone again. That is until her best friend moves in to help her through being a single mom. His gentle, playful nature made her remember what she always wanted in a man, waking desires she thought long buried deep in her soul.

Jack Stevens never imagined that moving in with Heather every fantasy and dream he’d concocted to get him through lonely nights would come true. The day Heather confessed her desire for him Jack swore he would use every tool in his arsenal learned as a Dom to help her trust him completely even with his own lingering skeletons.

Can Heather learn to trust Jack when she has been deprived of her true desires for too long?

Grab your tissues and learn to trust again with passionate sensory play.







By: C.P. Mandara


“I am going to break you. That’s the whole purpose of this exercise. From the moment the door inside that room closes, I am not going to be Mr. Nice Guy. I am going to do everything in my power to hear you scream, and I won’t stop until I hear you beg for mercy. Do you wish to proceed on that basis?”

Today my name is Lois Reeves. I have an appointment with dominant “James Leverett” this morning, because my next assignment requires that I be a “submissive” and I have no idea what that entails. I’m about to find out… by jumping in at the deep end.

This story features medical edge play and electricity play.







Pre-order your copy now—just 99c/99p: http://mybook.to/dirtydoms

(universal Amazon link—will take you to your home store)

Release date 28th June


The House of Fox


Dare you enter The House of Fox? – Cover reveal! (@sjsmithauthor @SinfulPress)

SJ Smith, author of Peeper, is back to entertain us with another hilarious novel. The House of Fox is a strictly adult paranormal comedy, and definitely not one for the faint hearted or easily offended. It is available to pre-order from the 1st of June with the release date of 30th June.

If you haven’t read SJ Smith before you are in for a treat as he twists the genre rules to create something truly unique.


The House of Fox CoverThe House of Fox blurb:


After a drunken night on the town, four friends awake to find themselves in the House of Fox, the ultimate brothel in the universe, where every sordid fantasy becomes reality.

But all is not as it seems. The House of Fox harbours many dark secrets, and factions are plotting against one another.

The four newcomers must choose their friends carefully, and take care not to lose their minds on the thrill ride of perversion that will carry them to the ends of the Earth and beyond.

The Great Voyeur in the Sky is watching . . .


HOF quote 3


Author bio:

SJ Smith is the writer of the novels Leisure and Peeper, as well as several short stories. He is happily married and lives in a small town in North Wales, and when he isn’t busy pedalling smut, he enjoys watching rugby or disappearing on a narrowboat to escape the rat race for a while.

You can find SJ through his website at www.sjsmithrants.blogspot.co.uk

The House of Fox Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30061110-the-house-of-fox


Other links:

SJ Smith Twitter: @sjsmithauthor

SJ Smith Facebook: www.facebook.com/SJ-Smith-426405650840664

Sinful Press website: www.sinfulpress.co.uk

Sinful Press Twitter: @SinfulPress

Sinful Press Facebook: www.facebook.com/sinfulpressuk


Fabio’s Remorse – Release Blitz

Release Blitz

Title: Fabio’s Remorse (Hell Raiders MC, #5)
Author: Aden Lowe
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 24, 2016

Remorse cover♦Synopsis♦

Fabio thought leaving his high-school sweetheart to join the Army was the hardest thing he would ever do. He took everything war threw at him, knowing he had to get back to Justine.

The Dear John letter came, and he wanted to die. The fucking enemy refused to cooperate, and he lived. Now, all he has is a Top Secret past, and the Hell Raiders MC.

Justine had love and a career, but they took her honor, leaving her no choice. Fabio deserved more.

Tragedy brings Fabio back into her life, and she can’t turn away. This time, does she have the strength to fight for him? Will he refuse her?


Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AU


FR release tease 7

FR release tease 5♦BUY LINKS♦

Amazon US
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Amazon AU

Other Hell Raiders MC Books

Kellen's Redemption cover F
Kellen’s Redemption
Hell Raiders MC, Book 1
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Dixon's Resurrection Cover

Dixon’s Resurrection
Hell Raiders MC, Book 2
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Trip’s Retribution
Hell Raiders MC, Book 3
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Prizefight ebook cover1

Hell Raiders MC, Book 4
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Cover Reveal ~ All That We Are ~ Holly J. Gill

ripped white paper against a green background

Are you ready for the cover reveal?

2nd pictire All That Were BANNER

He’s a bestselling author.

She’s a promoter.

They both lack confidence in different way

Can they break their demons and learn to trust?

3rd pictire All That We Are Ebook 1024-800


Holly knows that sitting behind her computer isn’t going to bring one of her romance heroes to life. And despite her matchmaking friend’s attempts, she’s still lonely, looking for her Mr. Perfect. Fairytales happen, right?

As a bestselling author, Ashton Noir doesn’t need anyone or anything in his life other than his imagination. That is until he comes across Holly’s Promotional Services’ website. Further exposure for his books can’t hurt.

Communicating through the Internet and then phone calls, professional interests turn personal. Realising they lack trust and confidence in different ways, can they have a future as a couple? Or are their dreams forever going to be their safe haven?

4th All That We Are Paperback

Music playlist

Rachel Platten -Stand By You

5th picture 3D-Book-All That We Are web bigger

Come and join the Release Party

any help would be appreciated

Sign up form here. Thank you.

I would sincerely like to thank everyone who has taken part in this cover reveal and who has dropped by,

Release date is

6th June Release

Holly Bio:


A wife and a mum to three grown up children and recently became a nana to twins and lives in the UK. Holly J. Gill is an author of contemporary romance, exploring many new channels, paranormal, action, sweet, erotic, wherever her imagination takes her. Holly has been writing since being a young girl, having characters talking to her constantly, and longing to get their stories written. Finally, her dream came true over two years ago, when getting her first contract with Secret Cravings Publishing for her erotic Desires series unfortunately they closed their doors, leaving Holly to go Indie. In Holly’s spare time she loves spending quality time with her family, camping with hubby, seeing friends, listening to music, watching movies and travelling around England visiting the beautiful countryside.

                Writing is where Holly’s heart is… 

               Where to find Holly:


Adult Romance Blog






Sale Sunday!

I was finishing my preliminary edits so this is a bit late this morning!

                    ONLY  99 CENTS


Amazon: http://goo.gl/4Cdt9A

unnamed (16)

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“5 Hot and Sexy Stars!!! I FLOVED this book from beginning to end.”
TouchStone for play by Sydney Jamesson is ON SALE NOW for only 99¢ and FREE on KU!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1svkiUm

unnamed (17)


The only thing better than cake is cake with a side of orgasms.
Dylan James has no expectations when it comes to relationships. He uses women for sex and they use him for his money and power. It’s quid pro quo and he’s good with that. It works.

Beth Harrison has been burned. She’s tired of the lies and the game playing that men bring and has buried herself in her passion—baking which keeps her out of the reach of heartbreak. As she begins her career as a TV baker, a new world opens up to her.

Dylan and Beth both know that casual sex is all about giving what you need to get what you want.

Except that sometimes you give more than you need to and get everything you ever wanted.

Indigo Nights is a hot, standalone romance.

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1sfFygG
iBooks: http://tinyurl.com/jzu7gre
Kobo ~ http://tinyurl.com/j9cc9dr
B&N ~ http://tinyurl.com/hmkgnc7

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27155282-indigo-nights