Cover Reveal ~ Resistance ~ Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons

Dolan Prophecies Series #1
By- Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons
Genre- New Adult Dark Fantasy/Dystopian
Expected Publication Date- July 27th, 2015
The year 2102–the world as it was no longer exists. Ravaged by nuclear war and polluted almost to the point of no return, Earth was dying. When the faeries came and brought their healing magic, humanity was grateful at first. Centuries of damage repaired in just five years, and during the course of that rehabilitation, they invaded. Quietly overthrown, the human race is now enslaved. The majority doesn’t even realize they have no free will. Branded, herded and kept only to further the agendas of the Fae Courts, humanity could be facing extinction.
But a resistance is coming…
Fianna Dolan has spent her entire young life preparing herself for an uprising against the Fae. One scorching summer night Fi’s parents leave and never return. Thrust into a position of power she never expected, Fi struggles with her new position and the responsibility it entails. When a secretive fae man known only as Flint breaches the city’s defenses claiming he can help, Fi begins to doubt everything she’s ever considered truth. As betrayals and deception come to light, will Fi want the answers she’s been seeking, or will trusting Flint lead to her destruction?

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About the Authors-
Allana Kephart has been making things up and bending people to her will from a very young age.  She loves animals and reading and spends a large amount of time thinking up ways to torment her characters. She loves coffee and the color purple. She is the co-author of The Dolan Prophecies Series, Gumshoes & Grifters Series & Fractured Fairytale Standalone series with Melissa Simmons and has published two short stories on her own in the Best Thing I Never Had & Happily (N)ever After anthologies.

Melissa Simmons loves music, reading, her cat and her husband-not necessarily in that order, of course. She is obsessed with all things Disney, Supernatural (tv show) and comic book tv shows/ movies and doesn’t care who knows it. Her favorite superhero is Batman and she will defend his awesomeness to her last breath. When she isn’t writing and plotting, she loves to bake and spends her days helping other authors promote their work. She is the co-author of The Dolan Prophecies Series, Gumshoes & Grifters Series & Fractured Fairytale Standalone series with Allana Kephart and has published a short story on her own in the Best Thing I Never Had anthology. She resides in upstate NY with her husband and their adorable cat.
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Live, Love, Read Blog Hop

I’m happy to announce that I’m a little late with my hop post as I’ve been at the hospital with my daughter.

Today we welcomed Brileigh Adelynn to our family at 7:52 this morning. We’ve been here since yesterday.

Long day but new life, love and joy abound.

Nothing, not even publishing a new book is the same as watching a new life come into your life.


I do have a new story coming out in August.

Love Me Forever

You can find it in the military anthology coming to Secret Cravings Publishing,

No Heart Left Behind.

The royalties are going to Operation Troop Aid.

So enjoy our stories of love and heroes.

No Heart Left Behind.

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Touched by the Sandman

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Interview with Leigh Payne

FullSizeRenderBeverly and Tamara: Welcome to SSLY. Thanks so much for joining us today. So first why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? A little about me…I have a three year old little girl and I’ve been married for about 6 years now. My husband and I are starting the adoption process to add to our family, so that’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. We bought an old house in Georgetown, TX two years ago and have been slowly remodeling the whole thing. I work as a dental assistant when I’m not writing, I’ve been doing that for about 8 years.

Tamara: What do you HAVE to have when you are writing?  A clean work space! I can’t write when I’m surrounded by mess and clutter. Wine helps too, especially when I’m trying to write those extra racy scenes.

Beverly: When did you start to write and who influenced you? I’ve loved to read my whole life. I was always reading something. I excelled in English all through high school and college. But my senior year of high school I wrote this paper after reading the novel Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. My teacher loved my paper and told me I was a really good writer, that’s something that’s always stuck with me.

Tamara: What do you think are the qualities that make up a “hero”? All my heroes, or all my leading men, are kind and brave and selfless. Selfless is big, I think. I LOVE a bad boy that’s a good man type of hero.

Beverly: Can you describe your favorite character?   And which of your books is he/she in? How do you come up with your characters? My all-time fav character that I’ve written is actually from my novel Never Ever that’s self-published on Kindle. His name is Taylor Hill and he is sarcastic and sexy and witty. I really enjoy writing his character. Some of my characters are based on people I actually know like Amy in Play Nice or Brice in Happy Place. Some are a mix of people like Allie in Never Ever. And then the rest are made up.

Tamara: What are the hardest scenes for you to write? Suspense? Sex? Dialogue? And why? Sex scenes can give me trouble every now and then. I feel like I really have to be in the right frame of mind to write those. I’m sure, as women, y’all get what I’m saying. Some days you just don’t feel sexual ;) I actually really love writing the dialogue, it’s my favorite part.

Beverly: What is your favorite scene in your favorite book? There is an adorable moment between Dash and Lexi in Play Nice. It’s in the beginning where she tells him to woo her. Right off the top of my head, that’s my favorite so far.

Tamara: What is your dream vacation? I would love to visit Ireland one day. I am a terrible flier, like the worst. But I’m also a sucker for an Irish accent. My husband lived in Ireland for a few years, so I’d love for him to take me and show me around.

Beverly: What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?  Or would like to? What?  We are all about the love! Fine! If you don’t like that question what was your worst date ever? I can do kinky. I had a huge crush on this guy in college, he was HOT and CUT. Anyway we were at this party one night and we snuck off and had sex with the party going on like 20 feet away. He held me up against a brick wall. It was ah-mazing. My friends and I refer to him as brick wall dude to this day (because of the actual wall and because he was built like one). Is that kinky? I guess that would have been a more appropriate answer to the question of the weirdest place you’ve had sex…PS- don’t tell my husband that story.

Tamara: LOL. We’ll try to keep that quiet! What are your favorite types of heroines? Do you like the damsel in distress who needs saving or the kick-ass variety? Why? Kick-ass variety for sure! I’m not great a writing the damsel, because I don’t love reading about the damsel. I need a girl with some spunk.

Beverly: How many books have you published? What genres? What drew you to that genre? I have 5 books self-published on Kindle. And then The Devil’s Share series will be four books published through Borough’s. I like light hearted romance novels. They are fun to write and fun to read. I’m currently working with a friend on something a little more tragic and emotional.

Tamara: If you could spend the day with any person from history, real or fictional. Who would you choose and why? Oh wow. Good question…I’d kind of like to meet Edgar Allen Poe. I was super into his work when I was younger. Or maybe Doc Hollywood. He seems like a good time.

Beverly: What is your “guilty pleasure”? Reading. I also really love wine and trash TV. I convinced my husband I have to watch teenage drama shows as research. That way he doesn’t give me crap for it anymore.

Beverly: We’ll really try to keep this from him, LOL. Don’t want him knowing that either!

Tamara: What dream or goal have you yet to realize? Getting published was a huge dream of mine. But, I’d really like to have one of my books made into a movie. Mostly so maybe I can cast Charlie Hunam in a role.

Beverly: What was your most embarrassing moment or the craziest thing you’ve done? C’mon dish! The brick wall was pretty crazy. Uh…okay, here’s an embarrassing moment. It was like my 22nd birthday? And my friends and I went out to this bar in Rockport. We drank Kamikazes all night long. On the way home we drove thru What-a-burger and I had to get out of the car to throw up. I just went over to the grass and threw up everything I’d drank right in front of all these strangers. Not my finest moment.

Tamara: What song are you? I would love to think I was Into the Mystic by Van Morrison, because that song calms my soul. Or maybe Little Red Wagon by Miranda Lambert, because it’s sassy.

Beverly: How do you know you’re in love? Is it a physical reaction, an emotional reaction or both? I think knowing you’re in love changes as we get older. When I was in high school it was such a high, such a new experience. In college…I don’t think I was ever actually in love in college. I think I was in a lot of lust. But then when I met my husband it was a calm type of feeling. Like I met him, and I kind of went “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.” And now I feel like being in love is choosing that person, over and over again. No matter how irritated I am at my husband, there is a point every day when he does something that makes me fall for him all over again.

Tamara and Beverly: Okay. We are SSLY so I have to ask. Who loves you? Who loves me? My family, friends, hopefully some of my readers are fond of me. My dogs are really into me, but I think my cat and my fish could care less.

Now for some quick fun questions:

Boxers or briefs? Boxer brief

Coffee or Tea? Tea!

Tall, dark and handsome or Blond and buff? Tall, dark, and handsome. And buff.

Hairy chest or smooth? Smooth

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Kinky or Sweet? Hahaha, depends on how much wine I’ve had that night

Fast or slow? Again, depends on the wine.

Public or private? Married? Private. Back in the day…

Top or bottom? Top

Well, it’s been a lot of fun getting to know you Leigh. Now, let’s see what you’ve been recently working on.

Play Nice cover

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Book One of The Devil’s Share

Keynote: Rock a stadium. Bang a chick. Repeat. AS lead singer of The Devil’s Share, Dash could get anything or anyone he wanted—until he met Lexi Grant.



For Dash Conner, lead singer of The Devil’s Share, everything he wanted was his for the asking. Whiskey. Drugs. Money. Sex. But not Lexi Grant. For the first time since he picked up a guitar, a girl was actually demanding he woo her. And for a chance with this one, Dash would do that and more.

Lexi Grant was no groupie. Just because the biggest rock star in the world smiled at her didn’t mean she had to fall into bed with him—but it was going to be awfully hard to resist that impish smile and those tatted abs. Surely one night of fun wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Unless that night ended with a broken condom.

For Lexi and Dash that’s just the beginning. Add in an overly affectionate pit bull, a missing guitarist, a house full of sorority girls, a junkie ex-bandmate and an extreme aversion to Jager, and it’s either a recipe for disaster or true love.

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Sojourn ~ Tara Dawn ~ Release Week Sale!

sojourn release week sale
☀🌊☀New Release☀🌊☀
#Sojourn by Tara Dawn is live!
Snag your copy for #99cents this week or #free on Kindle Unlimited!

Escape. Succumb. Savor.

Captivated by the thought of experiencing something taboo, Summer Wilson contemplates taking the trip of a lifetime. Determined to live her own life for once, she decides that Sojourn could help her reinvent herself. But is going to a sex resort really the answer to her problems, or will it only cause more confusion?
Once Summer arrives, she learns that she must be willing to do anything to make her fantasies come true. But she finds it hard to push her previous lovers from her mind.
Things aren’t always what they seem, and people aren’t always who you believe them to be. Will Summer be able to accept reality when the blindfold comes off, or will it finish breaking her completely?


Body Lock ~ Kimmie Easley




AUTHOR: Kimmie Easley

Genre: Erotic Romance
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Boring and comfortable. Dakota Asher functions best under a structured routine. However, her mundane life has other plans as she violently loses the love of her life. Realizing the boring lifestyle now only leaves her with her own, crippling thoughts, Dakota puts a new plan in motion.
MMA coach, Ford Herveaux specializing in adrenaline.
Dakota now specializes in Ford.
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In that moment I knew I would always love Scott, but I had come to terms with his death. What I was struggling with now was the guilt.
Ford turned and gazed at me. His magnetic eyes were now stormy and dark.
“Dakota, there’s nothing I can say that would keep you from beating yourself up. The way I see it, the ball’s in your court. You’re either in the ring or you’re on the sideline watching. That’s no way to live. It looks like you’re trying, and to be honest, that’s all a person can do, keep moving forward. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s live or die. There’s no in between. There’s always going to be hurdles, hopefully nothing of this magnitude, but you have to look at it like everything is outside of your circle. You have to choose one thing at a time to bring in and deal with. If it’s too much or overwhelming, you kick it back out.”
I was fixated on him and his unexpected words of wisdom. “Something tells me there’s some deeply rooted baggage behind that advice.”
“Anything else you want to share?”
“Without a doubt.” Ford turned and positioned himself in front of me. “But I’m not so sure this is the right time or not.”
My chest felt weightless, the air bouncing around on the inside leaving me winded. “What if I told you it was the perfect time?”
He pressed himself against my bare legs. “I would say you’re a smart lady. Who am I to argue?” He used his weight to make my knees fall to the sides. He leaned in further and I felt the heat rolling off his skin.
Ford’s eyes locked on mine as he moved in to claim my lips. The pressure from his sensual mouth bit at my sensitive bottom lip, but I didn’t care. The taste of Shiner was enthralling. I wanted more. I wound my arms around his hard, muscular neck, pulling him in closer. My body begging for more.
I moaned in his mouth, causing his body to react. His hands moved from my face, trailing down my back and gripping my bottom. He squeezed and pressed me further into him. The erotic kiss left me breathless. Ford’s hot lips moved, peppering my silky shoulders with urgent kisses.
Gasping for air, I dug my fingers through his short hair. The muscles in my body contracted as his rough hands skimmed my upper thighs.
Heat surged to the apex between my legs.
“Shit, I can’t get enough of you. It’s messing with my fucking head.” Ford took a step backwards. His excitement was obvious by his aroused cock straining to break free, which only made me wetter.
“But it’s okay, really. I want it. I want you. Don’t you feel the same way?” There was a pinch in my chest, like a knife nicking at my heart.
He lowered his head to make eye contact. He took my face in his hands. “So much it fucking hurts to breathe right now.”



 BL TT Teaser
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Kimmie is an Amazon International bestselling romance author who grew up traveling the country, rarely settling in one place for much longer than a minute. Being no stranger to heartache and love, she allows her unconventional life to fuel her writing.

Kimmie is addicted to all things books, wine, cupcakes and flip-flops. She is a homeschool momma, southern wife and pug wrangler.Kimmie can be found somewhere in the south writing wine worthy stories.


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Speedy Rewards ~ Jeff Arno



Phil Mitchell pours his heart and soul into his job as manager of Speedy Mart, a local convenience store. He loves his work and he loves his fellow employees, but when it comes to his personal life, Phil is lonely and depressed and still pining for his long-departed ex.

He embarks upon the week from hell where anything that can go wrong does. It begins with a truck crashing into his outdoor sign and only goes downhill from there.

Add an asshole homophobic boss hell bent on seeing him fired and Phil realizes he needs to put into place a plan to save himself and his job.

First step in his plan… do something about his love life.


Meanwhile, Ezra, one of Phil’s team members, is dealing with his own roller coaster ride of a week.

As is Brandon, the local cop…

And Mark, the homophobic boss…

Perhaps, with a little… luck, the next week will be better.

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About the author

JEFF ERNO began writing LGBT fiction in the late 1990s. Although an avid reader and amateur writer from a very young age, Jeff pursued a career as a retail store manager in Northern Michigan. When his first gay-themed novel was published, he was shocked that anyone would even want to read it. So far, he’s published over thirty novels. Jeff lives in Southern Michigan, where he works part time at a convenience store.

Jeff’s writing credits include a variety of themes and sub-genres including male romance, Young Adult, Science Fiction, erotica, and BDSM. He is the winner of a 2012 Rainbow Award and an Honorable Mention in 2011. His style is unpretentious and focused upon emotionally-driven, character-based stories that touch the heart. Jeff is especially passionate about young adult literature and combating teen bullying and youth suicide.